Fashion in Nigeria is really huge and trending.

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The buy Made-in-Nigeria campaign is a step in the right direction. It is a welcome development particularly now that the country is faced with a lot of economic challenges. Patronizing made in Nigeria goods and services will in the medium term, reduce the inflationary spiral as imported inflation will be curtailed. Buying clothing made in Nigeria instead of waiting for the very costly foreign options will help to improve our economy.

Made in Nigeria promotion has birthed so many opportunities available to be harnessed. And the goal is to be recognized in Global Fashion communities.

90% of the Fashion events in Nigeria are held in Lagos State, leaving the rest of the country out of the Fashion Soirees. I've had a couple of partnerships with Fashion Events these past years but have not attended any due to logistics. I'd have to travel down to Lagos, book a room for a couple of days etc.
I've always dreamed of a time when we'd have almost as much Fashion Events like in Lagos.
Fortunately, it seems like I'm not alone in this dream as a couple of people have started making efforts in realizing this dream.
I was at a Fashion Show this past weekend here in Abuja, organised by Sabali Fashion with Arewa Fashion as one of its sponsors.
Twas a great event with various designers showcasing pieces from their collection. 
The best part of the show was that they were Made-in-Nigeria, Upcoming and Northern-Based Design.

There are emerging designers in the north like Sabali Fashion, Dunes Fashion House and my lil baby, Porshher and one of the things we have in common is the need to increase our sales.
There are a couple of  online communities trying to bridge the gap between the north and rest of the country and Arewa Fashion is one of them.

Arewa Fashion - online community ,Global Market

Arewa Fashion is an online community and marketplace for fashion with the sole purpose of promoting local content and empowering the emerging fashion designers with the tools to leverage their business on.
Arewa fashion owned by Emporos Services was started early this year. A lot of people may confuse the content of the store from its name, however, the name arewa fashion is based on geographical location and not necessarily content.

They are currently seeking for more brands with unique inspiring pieces to sell on their store. Brands with products in categories like:
- Shoes
- Bags
- Clothing
- Accessories
- Fragrance
- Veils
- Jewelries
- Underwear
- Kids clothing

- Inventory and pricing are managed by the seller via their seller central
- Sellers hold on to their products and can sell offline. This way seller products are not stuck elsewhere. All they need to do is update their inventory on the store.
- Uploaded products are passed through series of marketing through ads and influencers.
- They offer free photoshoot for up to 5 products quarterly.
- For sellers making clothing exclusive to, they provide free labels
- Easy pickup and fast delivery
- No monthly fee charge on seller accounts. They only take a 17% commission on every successful sale.
- Easy return
- And so much more.

If you are interested in signing up as a seller, use the LINK to get started.

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I just recently signed up on this platform and can't wait to start selling pieces from my store.

Are we ready to put designs out there and up our sales?

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