Someone I used to know told me that his way of unwinding and de-stressing from his super demanding work was to take a weekend every month and just check into a hotel.
It could be a hotel 5 mins away from his house. It didn't matter as long as he didn't have to wake up early to prep breakfast or make his bed, he was good.
And to me that sounded pretty good especially as one who'e never taken a vacation before.

I got invited for a Blogcation (yes, we made it up and it basically means a vacation taken by bloggers) at The Nordic Hotel. Of course I accepted!
A special shout out to The Blogger Point for hooking a girl up!
Twas a very much needed break from all the stress and depression (yes, depression) I'd gone through.

Nordic Hotel is a high-end boutique hotel in Abuja. 30 unique rooms in peaceful surroundings.
It's small, minimalist, boutique, spotlessly clean (yes, really!).

Staff are very courteous, helpful, efficient and actually and happy. Seriously, Nigerian hotel staff who are actually enjoying their work.
The Nordic Hotel is currently number 1 on TripAdvisor, so I’m apparently not the only one who loves this place.

We were given a welcome drink upon arrival and later got to have wine with Jonos, one of the owners of The Nordic Hotel who told us that the whole aim of the hotel was to create the semblance of a home away from home which they refer to as #NordicFeeling.

The china used at the Nordic are hand painted and designed in Scandinavia and are called Royal Copenhagen (the Queen of Denmark drinks from the same coffee cups).

My favorite part of this gorgeous boutique is the hotel lobby with beautiful artwork and Scandinavian designs Most of the furniture were custom made and handpicked from Scandinavia

They have an art circle in which they change the artwork in the lobby area every month as a form of art appreciation.

Occasionally, they also have art exhibitions at the Nordic.

Love the bottled shells & stones. 

There was a safe in my closet to store valuables. Isn't that thoughtful?

Most comfortable bed ever! Best sleep I've had in a really really long time!

The Nordic Hotel is connected to the BluCabana Restaurant and that's where our meals were taken.
OK, I'm a bit biased when it comes to BluCabana Restaurant cos its like my fav restaurant in Abuja. I've had 2 birthday dinners and eaten well over 20 meals at BluCabana. 
So I think all their meals are amazing!

For lunch I had a Chicken Burger which comes with a side of fries, also had a glass of Milk Shake. The burger was so rich of flavor and the softest bread ever! 

We also got served sushi! Twas my first time trying it out and I like it.

The pool looks way better than this! But we were so busy enjoying that I didn’t get a chance to take a better one.
We changed into our swimsuits for a dip in the cool water.

We also had dinner at the BluCabana Restaurant  which was amazing!
The have a mix of continental dishes, a few Naija items and also Lebanese as the managers of the restaurant are Lebanese. The taste of the Lebanese food is really lovely. Don’t forget to try their hummus as a starter.

All the guests at Nordic are given a complimentary breakfast from Blu Cabana and it was the best breakfast I'd had all year!
I had plantain (my fav food ever!) of course. You tick of what you want for breakfast from a form and then they cook it all fresh for you. So nice!

And I got to spend the weekend with these two amazing ladies, Grace and Bella.
We had such an incredible time and I was soooo sad when it was over.

Safe, tranquil, great customer service, beautiful decor and wonderful ambiance.
Its simply a home away from home. A beautiful and serene environment, pleasant staff, good service.
If you want to take a break from the hassle and bustle, a weekend get-away at Nordic Hotel is just the perfect idea.
Twas just for 24 hours but it was the best day I've had all year (well we still have over 200 days to compete with).
I'm definitely gonna take a mini vacation of some sort really soon.
Who's with me?

LOCATION:  BluCabana Mabushi , Abuja
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Ciao darlings!

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  1. This looks like so much chill and fun, would love to visit it some time.

  2. My mouth just kept watering on the food aspect lol! Lovely review hun! Glad you enjoyed your time at Nordic!

  3. My mouth just kept watering on the food aspect lol! Lovely review hun! Glad you enjoyed your time at Nordic!


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