ANKARA CRUSH- African Prints Mermaid style dress
I made this dress myself!!!

Hope y'all had a great weekend.
 For a girl whose without a laptop and depends on a borrowed one, I'm doing a decent job as regards to blogging consistency,
 ANKARA CRUSH- African Prints Mermaid style dress

I talked about my recent love for African Prints and have recently worn a couple of Ankara pieces like my Flared Pants and DIY Cold Shoulder Top.
I bought this fabric about a week ago and decided to make a mermaid style dress with it. 
I obviously had help with the cutting of the fabric cos I'm still a learner. But I stitched and glued every piece myself! #proudmoment.
I also made a Zipper Skater Dress for my sister with the same fabric.

I paired my dress with a simple gold choker from Primark and a pair of flat sandals.
 I'm wearing flat sandals from DressLily.

ANKARA CRUSH- African Prints Mermaid style dress

ANKARA CRUSH- African Prints Mermaid style dress
ANKARA CRUSH- African Prints Mermaid style dress

ANKARA CRUSH- African Prints Mermaid style dress
My major curvy trick from the post on How To Look Curvy is taking off inches from my waist area.
I always tailor all my dresses before I wear them.
My waist sits at  25"(before eba consumption) and 26" on a very bloated day. But I take out 3 inches from the waist area of my dress if the fabric is stretchy- examples: the SammyDress Laceup Dress and Zaful Sheath Dress I wore a while ago.
And I take out 1 or 2 inches from stiff fabrics like ankara, like with this dress with the waist at 24" so it cinches in at the waist and makes me look curvier.

ANKARA CRUSH - DressLily Sandals

ANKARA CRUSH- African Prints Mermaid style dress
Dress - Me
Sandals -DressLily
Choker - Primark

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Ciao darlings!

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  1. Pornwa baby!!!!!!!! This is gorgeous, you are gorgeous.... Love you . And keep soaring higher..

  2. I love
    Very beautiful outfit and I love your hair

  3. One of the things I love about maxi dresses is being able to disguise flat shoes. The Ankara pattern is stunning and you did an amazing job. This dress is too risqué for me but you're in great shape girl. Nice tip on looking curvier, perhaps I'll try it.

    Princess Audu

  4. You look amazing hun.x

  5. Nice dress. Keep it up porsh

  6. I love the style, I will so make this outfit for my Xmas groove.well done girl

  7. So proud of you for making this yourself. I am very impressed. The fit the fabric are so stunning. Kudos beautiful. And heck yeah, I applaud your efforts to be posting consistently without having a laptop.

  8. The fabric is so beautiful and the style is lovely. Your dress fits like a glove.

  9. Wow u look so beautiful. Speechless. And u made it yourself which is extra special. Seriously I love these dresses they are about my favourite. I love the shape of them and the colour. U look so sexy in this dress. Your curves are gorgeous. I love how it looks from the back too. That pic from the back is too hottttt. Ur back is sexy and I'm not just talking about your gorgeous booty but all of it... 😋😋 ;-);-) X x x

  10. Portia sews tooo.....
    I sew toooo.
    This is slaying.


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