This post is kinna late.
But better late than never right?

I attended a Floral Themed Blogger's Brunch 2 weekends ago and here's a recap of the event.

It was a great event hosted by The Blogger Point, a platform created to connect Nigerian Brands with Nigerian Bloggers.

I half expected it to be filled with snobbish ladies cos truth be told, a lot of creatives (Bloggers & Youtubers) have major superiority complex.
I've been snobbed by quite a number of them so I braced myself to be able to take whatever I see.
Thankfully I didn't have to keep my guard up.
The ladies were super amazing and friendly too! I had a great time meeting new people.
I met fellow Fashion & Beauty Bloggers, also met Food Bloggers (new besties!!!)
Looking forward to new collaborations and hopefully, friendships.

I won best dressed with my Florals Outfit

There was wine (sadly I don't drink alcohol) and cupcakes (I'm always on a diet but I couldn't resist digging into 2 of them, lol) etc.

I finally picked up my goody bag and it contained products from Nigerian brands. Isn't that great?
Our economy is said to be in recession and I think its time to invest in ourselves.
A lot of Nigerians have started up businesses involving production of clothes, shoes, beauty products etc.
I'm an avid online shopper and 90% of my wardrobe were bought from UK & US stores. I never bought Nigerian made clothes.
Sadly since the decline in our Naira and crazy hike in Dollar, I've been unable to buy a single item online since January. I kept waiting for everything to go back to normal but it kept getting worse.
So I've decided to look for affordable Nigerian Brands and start a new life.

#BuytheNairatogrowthe Naira

I love the Lip Balm from Ilham Skincare.
I got tired of carrying Vaseline in my bag and my lips have suffered for it.
But since I got this Balm, I take fits anywhere and lasts for hours (applied it before I went to bed and woke up with glossed lips!)
The only downside is that is smells like the air freshener in my friend's car which isn't too bad tho.

As most of you know I'm on a new Hair Journey and most of the products I use are made of natural oils. So you'll understand why I think these 2 products from The Skin Apothecary are literally Gold!
The mixture of Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Jojoba oil and Argan oil in whipped form... priceless!
And it smells great too!
I'm yet to try them and would definitely share my results with you.

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Ciao darlings!

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  1. Lol girl at starting a new life due to the dollar rate. Congrats on winning best dress btw, I loved your outfit. Wish I could have attended and I hope to be around for the next bloggers even in Abuja.

    Princess Audu

  2. Loved your outfit....congratulations on the best dressed award. You deserved it. Beautiful pictures too.

  3. Wait I didnt see your floral outfit but I'm sure it looked fabulous. Great to hear the goodie bag had products from local brands. About time. I bet you had tons of fun.

  4. What a fun recap! Ah now I want to see a picture of your outfit :)


  5. Wow nice. So this happened in abuja and I wasn't invited. Next time I must be invited o. Nice pics and great recap. Will keep following your blog cause I love love love check out mine.

  6. congrats on the award dear,yhu deserve it


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