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I love the kimono trend.
I think its my favourite trend for 2015.

Originally, "kimono" was the Japanese word for clothing used to refer specifically to traditional outer garment of Japanese dress, a long robe with wide sleeves, made of various materials and in many patterns. 
But the kimono jackets that you've been seeing everywhere are really nothing like a Japanese kimono. They’re perfect for warmer weather because they’re light and airy, but still cover you up if you’re chilly or you just want something on your shoulders. They come in all sorts of beautiful patterns, and they can be worn with absolutely everything. It is figure forgiving that is, it doesn't show the world your flaws. It adds an instant chic to your look. There are various prints, lengths and styles to suit everyone.
Kimonos come in two forms – full coverage (like a mini dress) or a shoulder cover-up (cardigan shape). When worn correctly, they can add instant chic to your look and make for a cool cover-up for either daytime or a special occasion. 
Kimonos come in cropped, waist-length, knee-length and full-length options. Unless you are tall, avoid full-length, as it will swamp your frame. The style you choose should depend on the occasion and what you are wearing with it.
If you’re a little apprehensive about the kimono trend, then ease yourself in gently by opting for a block-colour kimono rather than a loud print. If you do choose a printed style, keep the rest of the look neutral – the flowing fabric of a kimono means it looks too busy when mixed with a contrasting print.

1. Keep the bottom tailored. Because of the kimono’s oversized shape, it’s important to keep your bottom half tailored to avoid looking boxy.
2. Your kimono can easily double as a bathing suit cover-up!
3. Wear your kimono with any summer dress. It’s so easy and chic.
4. Break up an all black ensemble by adding a patterned kimono. Long ones are also perfect with leggings.
how to wear kimono jackets cardigans
5. Or, an all white ensemble with a colorful kimono. It allows you to try a monochromatic look in the easiest way.
how to wear kimono jackets cardigans
6. Pair a super long kimono with shorts and heels so it doesn’t overpower you.
how to wear kimono jackets cardigans
7. Make a tight, short dress more casual and daytime-friendly by adding a loose, long kimono.
how to wear kimono jackets cardigans
8. Loosely tie your kimono in front for a unique look.
how to wear kimono jackets cardigans
9. Pair a long kimono with a maxi dress for a very boho-chic outfit.

10. A lot of kimonos have a pattern, but don’t feel like you can only wear it with solids. Don’t be afraid to mix your kimono with different patterns!

11. Belt your kimono over a dress for a different silhouette.
12. A foolproof way to wear a kimono? Over a crop top and high-waist shorts. Cute every time!

I absolutely love this ankara kimono.
What are your thoughts on this trend?

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Ciao darlings!


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