Pradas, Louboutins,Zannottis, Choos, Chanel: These are shoes so gorgeous they will change your life. Just about every fashionista in the world is looking to own a closet filled with shoes of this nature, and we all love that they’re so beautiful. We all hate that they’re so expensive. More than $1000 for a pair of Louboutins is ridiculous. Shoes are so beautiful, and we all know that a pair made well and purchased in a classic design and style will last us years to come, but most women know that it’s not practical to splurge on every single pair of shoes she buys. Some, yes; others, not so much.
But how do you know on which pieces you should splurge and which pieces you should save? How do you know whether or not to go ahead and spend the extra money on the shoes or buy them cheap and save the money for something more important? 
When to Splurge
Shoe experts, such as shoe buyers, professional women and those who wear shoes (um, all of us?) have a few basic opinions on this one. The first is that you should always, always splurge on the shoes you wear the most. Even if you’re a stay-at-home mom who lives in flip flops and ballet flats, you should still splurge on those classic heels – think nude or black. These are shoes that you might not wear often, but the more classic the design and the less you wear them, the longer they’ll last.

When to Save
Here’s where the savings comes into play a bit more prominently in the eyes of most people. You should always choose the save option on pieces that you don’t wear that often. Buy them on sale or buy them from an off-brand designer. The less you spend on these, the better. You’re only going to wear them every so often and probably not even that often.

An amazing save are these Valentino inspired heels by Charlotte Russe. The real Valentino’s are a celeb must have, but are way too expensive to splurge on. This pair by Charlotte Russe is an amazing replacement because its style matches Valentino almost exactly and it has a much more affordable price tag.


Question 1: Do I already own something like this?
First things first: Take a cold, hard look at your closet and see if you already own something that resembles your potential pricey purchase.

Question 2: Do I love shopping? (Or: Am I addicted to fast fashion?)
I'm not going to condemn you for shopping often for things you probably don’t need—we’re all guilty—but we will say that when comes to spending on an investment piece, you might want to think about whether you’re still going to want other items in the same fashion family.
If you know you’re someone who likes to own a huge variety of bags, maybe buying a super-pricey one isn’t the right move.

Question 3: Will this item cause problems for me down the line?
Will this expensive purchase prevent me from being able t pay my rent this month? If so, it’s a good idea to let them be for now, and start saving a little every month so you can eventually buy them guilt-free (the best way!)

Question 4: If the label was cut out, would it still be my taste?
 Nothing shameful about that being a label lover. Most designer things are beautiful, but if you’re buying simply for a label and the item isn’t really your taste, well, isn’t that silly?

Question 5: If Instagram didn’t exist, would I still want it?
We hate to assume you’d buy anything expensive simply so people know you own it, but alas, this is the world in which we live. Are you buying that Celine bag because you really, really love it, or because you want others to know you have it?
If you buy those designer shoes, will you be able to truly enjoy them without posting them to social media. If the answer is no, you might have some thinking to do.

Question 6: Is this an impulse buy?
Never buy anything on impulse.

Question 7: Will I realistically use it often?
There’s nothing wrong with treating ourselves to special-occasion pieces now and again, but with truly expensive buys it’s worth calculating the cost per wear—especially if the item might not fit into your lifestyle.

Question 8: Am I buying because [insert blogger/street style star here] had it?
Any street style addict knows that there are certain personalities that simply kill it every time they’re photographed. However, just because you saw your favorite fashion blogger draped in Miu Miu, Stella McCartney, or Valentino isn’t a great reason to go out and splurge on the same stuff.
Don’t forget: Several big street-fashion players, editors, and bloggers get sent designer stuff for free to entice folks like us to go out and buy it. Others are, well, richer than us and it’s their day job to flit around the world in the latest designer clothes, which is fun to admire but not necessarily healthy to emulate.

Instead, seek out lesser-priced pieces of things you admire on street style stars, and out your own stamp on it—and splurge when it’s something you really want, not something you really want to copy.

Question 9: Can I get it for less?
As with any big purchase, it pays to price-shop a bit before biting the bullet. For current items, check out department stores, boutiques, and every online shop you can find.

Question 10: Is this item a one-season wonder?

This $1,000 sweatshirt is cool, but definitely a one-season wonder.

Here is my list on what to splurge on and what to save on.

A great handbag: Go ahead and buy yourself a quality (and classic) designer bag. Nothing says put together like a nice handbag.

Classic black blazer: You’ll wear it ALL the time, so you may as well get a good one.

Leather jacket: This piece is so versatile and if you invest in a good one you’ll have it for the rest of your life.

One pair of designer shoes: Classic pumps are your best bet – Louboutins, Manolo Blahniks, or Prada are always a good choice. I just my first pairs of designer shoes and I've been super excited.

Chic pair of shades: Toss out your cheap shades and get a pair by Celine, Tom Ford, or Chanel instead.

Denim: They are gonna serve you well and for a long time, so its best you get the best quality you can afford.


Anything trendy: we should be limiting our trend intake and focusing more on our signature style.

Tee Shirts

Belts: Save the expensive belts for another day.


TIP: Buy past season pieces to splurge and save at the same time. You will get a designer label for a fraction of the price.

What designer pieces did you splurge on?
What clothing items do you think you should splurge on?

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