Seems like I'm the only one who hasn't jumped on the Ombre Hair band-wagon.
I'm sure y'all are used to my being a lastma by now.
Well, I decided to try it out but I couldn't risk giving my weave to a hair stylist who might not do it the way I want or swap my weave for something cheaper (don't be surprised, scarier things have happened).
I decided to dye my weave ombre myself.

Before I undertook this task, I searched the web for tutorials on how to dye a weave ombre and most of the results were Youtube videos n no detailed blog post turned up.
So I decided to share my experiment and put something out there in case there's someone looking.

I decided to use Creme of Nature dye cos I know a couple of friends that have used it to dye their natural hair and since my weave's human hair, I didn't want to take chances.
The 1st Time I bought this dye for someone, I got it for N1920 from Casabella (paid N2000 n the cashier didn't see the need to give me the balance).
A week later, I walk by a shop in the market and decide to browse through n I saw same Creme of Nature dye for N800. I got really sad at the price difference.
Anyway, I snagged a pack, I got the Ginger Blonde 10.1 cos I wanted the colour to be really light.
I set to work.
I chose my Anne Elise Real Hair for this.
I brushed the weave using a paddle brush and laid them on a nylon bag I placed on the floor.

 I poured the Developer, The Hair Colour Gel and the Blonding Powder into a small bowl.
 I used the brush to stir the mixture into a smooth paste.
Then I started applying the dye onto the weave using the small toothbrush.
I wanted the hair colour to be in gradients, with the lightest at the bottom. So I started applying from the bottom.

 I did this application in steps. I applied the dye on the lower part, then 5 minutes later, I went about 3 inches upward and applied the dye. 10 minutes after that, I went another 3-4 inches upward n applied the dye. You can see this from the above picture.
The colour had already started changing before I finished applying the dye.
I left it to sit for a lil over an hour (this included processing time which took me about 25 minutes cos I had to wait before applying dye to the 2nd n 3rd parts)
 Then I rinsed out the dye from the weave n shampooed it.
Applied the conditioner that was in the pack and rinsed it out after 10 mins. Finally applied the Argan Oil treatment to the weave.
This is what it looked like when it was still wet...
.... and now its all dry.

Did I like the result? Not really.
Would I do anything differently the next time?

1. Lower my expectations. I wanted the tips to be really blonde, like the lady's hair on the pack. But I guess the rapid transition from a color 1B to a color 27 was too high an expectation.
2. Stick to the time frame specified. I just ended up wasting my time cos I think the hair got to this colour a few mins after application so there was no need waiting n hoping for the hair to get lighter.
3. Lower my expectations.  Yea, you read right. I really had high expectations.

My mum n sis said the hair looked great n would look better when its on my head (I really do hope so).
All in all, I think I did a pretty good job for a first timer.
Next time, I going all blonde!

What do you think?
What are your dos n don'ts of hair dying?

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Ciao darlings!



  1. Your mom and sis are right, it does look great.

  2. Its actually nice oh Portia. I've never died my weave before, maybe I'll try this out

  3. Awesome, can't wait to see it on you.

  4. It look amazing.

    Love Vikee

  5. Wow great job, it would look really cool on you. It's not bad at all

  6. It really looks great...never tried this colour before...usually dye mine red. this would be perfect for Christmas. Thanks for sharing

  7. It is beautiful! I'm definitely gonna try dis out

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. i love the outcome..its really soft and not overdone for me.

  10. My favorite hair color is purple. That's a pretty color and some people do look good with it in their hair. That's when it's intentional ;-)


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