Forgive my long absence.
I've been down for a while now.
Firstly I entered a cab, 'one chance' (my naija peeps would understand this berra) and got robbed of all the cash I had on me. After mourning my loss for a few days, I fell sick. 
But now I'm all better now and ready to take over the world! lol

This is a Too Much Information Tag and I was tagged by Chioma of THEREALCILVERLY.
So I'll be sharing 20 random facts about me.
Here goes...
1. I don't know how to swim! I don't think I've really put an effort into learning. I always go to the pool, get into my swim suit and slide into the water. I could stay in the pool for hours just walking from one shallow end to the other. lol

2. I kinna have a really weird crush on Sheldon Cooper of the Big Bang Theory. I'm 'alarmed' at myself that I actually like that annoying guy but it is what it is, I just do.

3. I'm a sucker for cute babies. Well, who isn't. I can walk up to a straight-faced looking parent and beeggg to carry or just hold your cute baby. I can't wait to start popping out my very own cute babies!

4.I have the most annoying laugh ever. This is really hard for me to admit but from the mouths of many comes this assertion. My laugh's a cross between Kendra's crazy laugh and Scooby Doo's weird laugh. We are working towards making my laugh a ring tone. lol

5. I don't smoke or drink. I can't drink alcohol to save my life.

6. I've got a sleeping problem. If I take an afternoon nap, sleeping at night becomes 3rd World War! And no matter how late I sleep at night, I always wake up before 5am every morning and no matter how hard I try, I can never go back to sleep. Some people say its a good thing, but I don't think so.

7. I love trying new home remedies. Honey mask, Lemon Scrub, Egg Mask etc. Could be for hair or skin, I'm willing to try it out as long as the ingredients are natural products. I'm my own guinea pig where I test all sorts of concoction and share those that worked with you. lol

8. I have never left the shores of my country, Nigeria.

9. My idea of the end of the world is the day there's no more internet. Seriously, I can't imagine my life without the Internet. I spend about 12 hours everyday on my phone/laptop.

10. I'm my own biggest critic. I tell myself things I don't like about me and I always find ways to make myself better.

11. I can be super blunt. I have no problems expressing how I feel. But don't take my words to heart cos I mean them in the nicest way possible.

12.  In a bid to watch my weight I've tried countless times to cut out Eba n soup from my life but I don't know how that's gonna work cos I absolutely love eating it. lol

13. I write a whole lot! I have different books and note pads where I scribble down anything and everything. I write down products I think I need, Fashion items I need in my closet, Things to do etc.

14.  I'm the fastest 'dresser' I know. I can take a shower, get dressed and do my hair n make up all in 30 minutes.

15. I hope to become a motivational/inspirational speaker someday.

16. I'm very strong-willed (I refuse to say that I'm stubborn).

17. I always want more shoes. I get new ones and forget about the old ones. I can buy a shoe and it would stay on my rack for ages without being worn. But I don't care as long as I get to look at their beautiful faces every morning when I wake up. hehehehe

18. I'm really emotional. I cry whenever I watch sad movies. P.s. I will never watch Titanic.

19.  I'm an introvert extrovert. Doesn't sound right, does it? Well, that's me. I can spend days even weeks cooped up in my room doing God knows what. But I have an active Social Media life, eg. I've got you, my Blogger friends, Instagram friends, the weirdest people on Twitter etc. So I'm always smiling at my phone.

20. I'm an organiser. I love having my things in a particular order. I turn off light bulbs in rooms that are too bright or not occupied by anyone, I move tables n chairs to the way I think they should be etc.

So there you have it.

Like always, I'm a 'lastma' and everyone I know has done this tag. So I tag YOU!
Tell me a few random things about you.

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Ciao darlings!



  1. Nice blog you got here, Portia, the skyy is not your limit.

  2. Aww, sorry about that one way thing. I'm sure it must have been terrible! I don't know how to swim either even though I spent most of my childhood in a pool, I just couldn't get it but I won't give up trying just yet. I'm an organiser too, I've got journals and jotters that go back 7 years ago when I was still in primary school, even thinking of starting a diary again... Yeeeaaah, another BBT fan, my baby is Raj tho.

  3. Omgee that sucks! I hope you were not harmed? I'm a sucker a cute babies too haa! In this part of the world you can almost be arrested for starring too much though. I have lots of books too, I should just write a book already for my writing. Whoosh how do you do that,? I cant really say the same for dressing up. But I'm learning,the mirror makes me spend longer *sigh*
    The debate mode every girl gets into at some point

  4. I laughed all through like seriously, Porsh and I have a lot of things in common. TMI tag brings readers closer to the blogger. I really should do mine.

    Please visit Thanks

  5. U didn't tel us abt ur skin routine... Its so AMAZIN

  6. This is a lovely way to get to know you more, Porsh. We have some things in common like I can't swim, I write a lot too and I always want new shoes, but I only organise when I'm as mad as a hatter, lol. I drink, and I'm an introvert or ambivert, but I prefer human contact to social media.

  7. Im an organiser as well and I spend more than 12 hours on my phone lol
    So sorry about what happened to you and im so glad youre feeling better now

  8. Great post.
    Kai doh whenever the shout one chance I don't enter oh. Take heart.
    I don't swim too I just lounge around in my bikini, I am a really picky eater.
    I haven't left Nigeria too, I haven't even been to Lagos but I've been to Kano,,wierd I know

  9. That's unfortunate girl, glad you got over it. I can swim either and I rarely go to the pool and I love shoes too.

  10. Nice!! LMAO@ you refuse to watch Titanic, that ish made grown men cry
    I can teach you how to swim tho....... *wink*

  11. Lovely personlity + u've got a beautiful face...I always admire your face and style whenever I stuck this blog.

    Your number 1, 15 and 13 is absolutely me...I can't swim although I tried out some swimming lessons with my friends during my nysc. Just can't swim not withstanding that, I always get so scared. Lol

  12. I v seen Titanic tho. I can cry while watching movies o. Indian movies turns me into rain!. Even "Olympus has Fallen" made me cry, you can imagine! I can dress up real quick. But i am not organized. Not at all. Dts why i have sworn never to have a room mate. Coz i can leave my towel in the Kitchen, I don't care. I love coming back from work and seeing my things where i left them!. I used to write a lot but i stopped, i dunno why tho. I don't smoke and i hardly drink alcohol. I always embarrass my friends when i order for HiMalt during an outing. Like i care... lol. I can't even swim... Not at all. I don't even go to pools at all. Derz z just something bout pools that irk me. I would rather hole up in ma room and watch movies or read novels than go on a date! lol. I love babies! Oh lord. I practically own my Madam's baby! I am my biggest critic too. And i can be very blunt coz i don't know how to pretend. My friends love that about me coz i will be the only person to tell you you messed up when you do.
    Ummmmmmm. I can be lazy with house chores, i hardly cook. I just love seeing my sparkling new pots as they are all the tym..
    lol . I love clothes and i Love lipsticks! #okbye

  13. Sorry about your cab incident, glad you are ok.
    We have Nos.1, 6,7,10,11, 16, 17 and 20 in I'm a bit obsessed with perfection.

  14. Good to know you're okay now. I really wish I can spend 30mins to dress up. That's not even enough time to spend in the bathroom for me #notthatbad lol


  16. Sorry Porsh, from now on your eye will be like torch light seeking for whom to run from....
    It's good to know more about you:)
    Biko be safe oh

  17. We have almost everything in common..apart from 14, 2 and 20... I remember when we saw that Indian movie..We are family..We cried like goats my mum even got scared..I hate arranging stuffs..I have no freaking crush on Sheldon. .If I am going out with u..I have to take my bath 2 hours before u enter the bathroom..too slow a dresser.... I hate talking about my self..just realised it's not so bad after all..would definitely do mine this weekend on my blog

  18. Great read! I always want more shoes too ;)


  19. I love to buy new shoes too and i can't do without my internet/laptop/phone too.

  20. Very lovely and interesting facts about you. Glad to know you feel better too. You are very beautiful.

  21. E ya sorry about those useless one chance people, it would never be well with them. Please be very careful and may God protect u.
    Read your post and it's nice to read about you. I love the extrovert /introvert part, i'm like that too lol.

  22. Oh goodness!!! I'm so sorry to hear about the one change ish o. We thank God for safety and pls be very careful! BTW, i'm gonna continue to say this......what ever it is you're doing with your make up, you definitely doing right! #Gorge

  23. Your blog always makes me laugh. Lovely blog you got here. please follow mine at im following yours already


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