You would all agree with me that Kim Kardashian's a Super Style Star.
Her style is flawless and sophiscated.
On closer examination, you would notice that most of her pieces are nude, black, and white.
Her style has evolved over time and has gotten better and better especially after getting together with Kanye.
I must say he affected her style positively even though a lot of people would argue with me on this.
Nway, Kim's recent style is geared towards a minimalist style and that's my reason for loving it.


I've been spending alotta time by myself these past few days and I've been loving every minute of it! lol
I wrote a lot, mostly items I need to buy, lol. I also tried to make plans on things I need to do within a period of time. While trying to do this, I took a pause.
I'm a huge planner, I plan my activities of the day in my head, what I would have for breakfast/lunch, how I would style an item in my closet even if it takes me 2 years before I wear them. etc.
But I've come to realise that most times things don't go the way we planned them to go and then we are highly disappointed.


This is a very belated post.
I've had these pictures on my computer for a while now.
I was shot by my friend and photographer, Nonso K at a very nice location (I know you can tell the difference, hehehe). I've been super lazy to go and pick up the main pictures from him. I keep procrastinating.
So while doing laundry this morning, I saw the dress in my pile of clothes and I just thought I should post these 'sample' pictures anyway.


I finally put up an outfit post!
I finally get to wear my gorgeous booties!
I finally ... oh, that's all.


Forgive my long absence.
I've been down for a while now.
Firstly I entered a cab, 'one chance' (my naija peeps would understand this berra) and got robbed of all the cash I had on me. After mourning my loss for a few days, I fell sick. 
But now I'm all better now and ready to take over the world! lol
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