So, I've gotten a couple of questions on how I do my make-up, the products I use etc.
This post would cover the make-up products I use. This is not a review of any of the products mentioned.

 I recently did a closet clean-out which also included my make-up products. I threw out the things that I didn't need, so this is basically what I have in my make-up bag now.

 Mac Studio Fix Fluid - Only used on days when I have time to spend on blending it in. But the outcome is usually great.
Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation - My everyday foundation, I just slap it on and I'm good to go. This is the 1st foundation I ever used and I see our relationship lasting for a really long time.
When I was in Uni, I experimented a lot on eye-shadows, I used every colour imaginable, combined different colours, mixed n matched, blended etc. After Uni, stopped using eye-shadow completely. I only used eye-liner on my top lids, do my brows and add a red lippy and I was good to go.
That's until I saw this House of Tara eye-shadow, twas an impulsive buy (it never made The List) but I'm glad I got it.
 I almost never fix fake lashes (just twice ever) and the Maybelline Colossal Mascara makes up for that.
I read a lot of reviews on this product before I got it n I'm glad I did.
The Maybelline Colossal Kajal doubles up as the eye-liner for my top n lower eyelids.

 Eyebrows! The most important part of make-up.
I use the Miss Rose Pencil to trace out the shape of my eyebrows, then I use the Elizabeth Arden pencil to fill the brows in.
This Zaron Eye-brow filler has been with me for over 3 years and it does an amazing job on the brows. I use it on days when I have time to be 'fancy' cos the pencils work just fine for me.
I use the Mary Kay Concealer to highlight my eye-brows.
Call me cheapskate or not, I still haven't found the grace to spend N4000 (that's what retailers sell it here in Nigeria) on a tube of lipstick (reference to MAC lipsticks).
I've been using this Miss Rose Lippies and they do the job just fine. You can call them 'drug store' make-up products but truth be told, I got them from a shop in the market and they retail for about N300 per tube.
I recently fell in love with purple lipstick so I got this LA Color Lipstick.
I always use my Body Shop Coconut Lip Balm on my lips before I apply lipstick.
 Ben Nye Powder - I got this product cos of the hype. I rarely use it cos I'm not into the contour ish (not yet tho). But I sometimes use it all over my face (dunno if I'm meant to do that, oh well)
Sleek Powder - I powder my face very sparingly and mostly on my neck to even out the foundation and blend it with my neck. I've had this powder for almost 2years (the age is showing) 
This here should be every girl's bestfriend. I find that even after I wash my face my eye-liner doesn't get washed off completely (and don't you dare say I didn't wash my face properly.) The wipes cleans my face out.
I always use this expression 'As smooth as a baby's bum-bum'
A lady asked me once while I was buying this product what I wanted to use it for. When I told her I use it to wipe off my make-up, her face went like 'ewwww'. I guess she was wondering why I would use something used to wipe babies' butt to clean my face.
Well I want my face to be smooth like a baby's butt!

So there you have it, my very minimal make-up collection.
Notwithstanding my choice to keep things minimal, I've always had a long list of products I think I need and would love to get. Would keep y'all updated on any purchase of beauty products.
I would love to answer any questions you might have.

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Ciao darlings!



  1. Nice one... Will try your products... Hope it works for me...*winks*

  2. nyc! am in love with marykay foundation too!

  3. nyc! am inlove with marykay foundation too!

  4. U'r funny lol cheapskate?? nice items u have in ur makeup bag :)

  5. That MAYBELLINE is da bomb..I love all their products especially d kajal n mascara.

    1. Please how much is d kajal nd mascara?

    2. You can get it from any House of Tara outlet near u. It retails for about N1300 for d mascara n N700 for the Kajal.

  6. Don't laugh but I don't have a make up bag. My super sensitive facial skin won't allow me. I used to freak out before but now, I am just good to go. My lipstick and WHITE powder lol.

  7. Nice collection

  8. Here I was thinking I'm the only cheapskate gal regarding lipstick!! I'm still on the hunt for the perfect matte kinds. Essence doesn't do the job but I manage that and just dab it on!! The mascara is my newest crush and I just got one!! Love it.

    1. Try the sleek matte lipstick which are packed in small black tubes...cheaper than mac but good quality

    2. That's actually what I got but I'm still trying to figure out blending as this is serious rocket science to me...among other things. Thank you

  9. Neat collection, I still use Island Beauty lipstick. It suits my needs and thats all that matters :-)

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  10. I am gona look for that mascara.. love

  11. I can see Mac - Hello, fellow Mac lover. Plus baby wipes are a MUST HAVE!

  12. I really like how you do your brows (pls do a post on that) so am going to try this miss Rose and Elizabeth pencil. I have the pink miss rose lipstick, I carry it in my bag all the time, I am a cheap girl.

  13. Lovely post

    Love Vikee

  14. Your makeup collections almost similar with mine. (The marykay foundation and lipsticks) But that maybelline products, am gonna look out for it.

    Please what colour/number is your eye brow pencil? Would really wanna know

    1. The Elizabeth Arden doesn't specify the color but its a dark brown pencil.
      The Miss Rose is also a dark brown pencil -No 7

  15. Love ur collection,nd ur honesty,marykay foundation does it for me too,wf a little coat of tara,nd my 250 eye liner,nt d eyeshadow lady too probably it smfn dt cmes wf leavn sch#hehehe#nd my pink lipstick of 500 am gud to go.brows is ma weakest cnt draw dt shit#weeps#

  16. Nice collection. I wanted to get that Mac studio Fix Liquid but the reviews i read discouraged me. Most reviewers complained of the difficulty in blending in. I have been ignoring this Miss Rose lipstick. I might just give it a try. Does it smudge or leave break lines? because i hate that shii. When this my overpriced Sleek liquid foundation finishes, i am soo going back to Marykay! Lemme not even start with the Mac Studio Foundation , its either i am using it wrong or it is totally overhyped.And i believe it is original coz i got it from Konga. Please Portia hunie i love yhur brows, teach us how you do it.

  17. Hmmmmn.....Nice collection!!! But for a beautiful and flawless Bridal makeover...contact DaisyMakeovers 080224706855,331E9764....lol,it's just that we live in diff states*smiles*


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