Trend Alert: Culottes
Culottes describes a split or divided skirt or any garment which "hangs like a skirt, but is actually pants. In place of the term "culottes," the term skort (skirt and shorts) is more widely used in some areas. While some garments sold as culottes resemble short trousers, to truly be a skort it needs to look like a skirt. 
Thus, they differ from trousers or shorts by being much fuller at the bottom than at the waist. A skort is shorts that have a front covering to resemble a skirt or short pant legs with a same length or longer skirt sewn over the top.

Culottes have not been seen on the style scene for quite some time, and with all the ways you can style the comfortable, breezy trend, we wonder why they ever left us. The cropped, wide-legged pant is the perfect alternative to a midi skirt. Seen on the Spring/Summer 2014 runways, the culotte is making a huge comeback.
Ladylike and laid-back, culotte pants, when paired with classic elements like a wrapped blouse, trench coat and pumps, look effortlessly chic. -- the perfect blend of sophistication and comfort. When paired with neutral tops or minimal layers, Relaxed yet crisp, when white culottes are paired with clean-lined tops.

You can wear them high-waisted and to tuck in your top to them to add length to your body and to appear taller.  With the width of the legs and the way they do cut off the legs a bit, you will be better finding a high-waist pair that speaks to you.  
You can also wear a crop top with them as well, but wear a fitted one for balance or you can appear sloppy.

Here are a few of my picks from Asos and Boohoo...
Danni Voluminous Dogtooth Wide Leg Culottes
Wide leg culottes
Belle Flippy Pleated Culottes
Pleated culottes

Selma Flippy Culotte Floral Shorts
Floral culottes
ASOS Culottes
Asos culottes
ASOS Culotte Shorts In Pleated Lace
Lace culottes
Not 100 percent ladylike, culottes are more a halfway skirt for tomboys that give off a playful vibe. I find elegance in them despite their usual casual feel. I have a cute pair of culottes that's been in my closet for ages! Can't wait to whip it out!

What are your thoughts on this trend?


Ciao darlings!



  1. They look nice,not my kind of thing though I wouldn't mind rocking the lace culottes.

  2. I'v not worn a Culotte in years!! Totally love the first look though!! You shd do an outfit post of you in them..missing an outfit post!!

  3. I like mini/short Culottes but I have missed feeling about the three quarter.

  4. These skirt shorts are so cute. This is one outfit not easy to pull off cos it doesn't look flattering on all body type

  5. Its so lovely,I think might be comfortable on the wearer

  6. Love love love this trend
    Great post

    Love Vikee

  7. Such a good trend and looks fun (and slightly difficult) to try out!

    onacruz blog

  8. cute post

  9. I can't wait 2 have 1 & also see how u style urs.

  10. I also follow the first and fourth blogger - they're style is amazing. I bought some culottes last year but have only worn them once. You have reminded me to get them back out. Unfortunately they are black so I will have to see what I can wear as a bright top and get some suitable shoes to go with them. Have a good weekend x

  11. Nice post dear,I'll definitely be cashing in on this trend.


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