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Once upon a time in a fashionable kingdom long, long ago, The Bootcut jean reigned supreme, but then a wickedly slimming cut named The Skinny knocked The Bootcut off its denim-clad throne. However, it seems skinny jeans may have a new adversary in the form of the easy-to-wear Boyfriend Jean.
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Boyfriend jeans are cute and comfy jeans that are meant to look a bit loose and worn, as if you borrowed them from your boyfriend. Despite this masculine name, this pair of jeans can still add a feminine touch to almost any wardrobe, and you can look stylish and cozy in a pair of these pants. All you have to do to wear boyfriend jeans is to pick a pair that fits and flatters you and match it with a variety of cute tops.

Pair the jeans with a tank top or a blazer and a t-shirt. There are a variety of ways to wear tank tops with your boyfriend jeans and all of them will make you look great. Adding a blazer on a t-shirt with your boyfriend jeans would take your outfit to a more formal level.

Pair the jeans with a dressy top. Your boyfriend jeans may give you a bit of a casual look, but you can dress up your outfit with a feminine dressy top that makes the pants look fancier.
Destroyed Boyfriend Jean - Animal Print Trend
Pair the jeans with a casual top or a sweater. There are plenty of ways to pair your boyfriend jeans with a casual top for a cute but everyday look.

Wear your jeans with a pair of heels. Boyfriend jeans are most commonly paired with heels, because these shoes give the jeans a dressy, feminine, and fun look. You can wear plain black heels or pink shoes with a funky pattern like animal print for a more fun and carefree look. If you really want to show off your heels, then you should wear cuffed boyfriend jeans.

Wear your jeans with boots. Boyfriend jeans can also go great with boots, especially in the colder months. You can wear them with more casual boots for an everyday look, or dress them up with fancier boots

Wear your jeans with flats. Your boyfriend jeans will also look great with the right pair of flats, whether they're open-toed or close-toed. 

Wear your jeans with more casual shoes. For a more casual look, you can rock your boyfriend jeans with any everyday pair of sneakers, clogs, slippers, or any pair of comfy, casual shoes that looks good with boyfriend jeans.

Big, slouchy, fabulous

weekend casual

This is one fashion trend I am thrilled to see in full force this season. Comfortable, versatile, easy to style and flattering on most every figure, boyfriend jeans are the hottest denim trend right now.
What are your thoughts on this trend?

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Ciao darlings!



  1. Really love the trend, it gives you a boyish look and wearing it with heels would balance the look. nice post would definitely rock it anytime, anywhere

  2. This post is extra informative! lol I love it. And I'm happy boyfriend jeans are becoming more popular bc I'm all about the comfort.


  3. It's a very casual comfy look. Its very cute way to look like aboy, yet be a girl

  4. Super cool. I love it, already rocked it though but planing on another version with ripped not so baggy-ish boyfriend jeans. Hope you are good portia?

  5. Lovely, i love this post very good.

  6. Yea I love it. A bit of a tomboy yet girlish look. Looks really nice and I love it.


  7. Good quality workmanship, material; the fit matched the sizing details, which by the way was great; as i was lost until the seller compared their sizing to 'women' sizes. So pretty much all was as described.

  8. Rihanna killed this look.... great.

  9. Love the trend . Don't think it will go out of style quickly

  10. Chic and comfortable.
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  11. Best trend ever!!! you can dress boyfriend jeans in many way:
    casual, chic, feminine, comfortable, sexy, girly, boyish, classy...
    Love it

  12. Hmm,looks really cute. I nominated you for the Liebster blog awards,check it out here or

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  15. I must say they are doing quite good i mean the sort of work is coming out its more like trend setters which is a very good thing,

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  16. totally crazy about this trend!!
    see how i styled it on


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