Chrissy Teigen & John Legend
Earlier this month, the amazing people at Toodlewood recreated their favourite looks from the Golden Globes. Now its time for the biggest music night, The Grammy Awards.
Check out the cute minis of Guilliana, Taylor Swift n Katy Perry....


BN Bridal - Zuhair Murad Couture Spring Summer 2014 Collection - January 024
I know most of y'all have seen this amazing collection but as a die hard fan of Zuhair's work, I just had to post it.  (See his first feature on my blog HERE )
This collection is full of pastel perfection, and the neutrals – white and black, then gorgeous gold. The super gorgeous  pieces are adorned with the most exciting and exquisite detailing including feathers. And the gold belts with a leaf motif tie all the outfits in the collection together.


Hello darlings!
Its been a while.
Just want to share an outfit I wore a few weeks ago. Not a fan of the outfit though but I thought I'd share it anyway.


Hello darlings!
Guess y'all had an amazing weekend.
Mine wasn't that great tho.
On Saturday, the very beautiful CEO of Oma Hair added an extra year and she had a small dinner celebration to mark her birthday.
I was having a splitting headache while I was posing for these shots and they were warning signals but I ignored it and headed off to the venue. On getting there, my body temperature had gone up several degrees and I was having a hard time sitting up straight. But that didn't stop me from having an 'ok' time. The company was great, I even laughed and chipped in a few words in the conversation. I managed to stay for a few hours before I was driven back home where I stayed in bed till this morning.
I woke up feeling much better and decided to put up this post.


My love for monochrome has gone up a thousand notches for reasons I can't explain.
Maybe its cos of its classy look or the fact that I might have to dress that way for a very long time! 
I had a tooth extracted last week (kinna explains the 'looking down' poses in almost all the pictures, tryna hide the swelling on the left side of my face) so I've been 'room ridden' for the past few days. And I started feeling much better yesterday so I decided to play dress-up. 
I found this skirt while I was cleaning out my closet. The way we females accumulate and hoard clothes is mind boggling, I even have clothes from my 1st year in uni!
I had this skirt tailor made for me a couple of years ago in my 3rd year and I usually wore it with a turtle-neck cream top, exactly the same one in the picture below.
I decided to style it in 3 other ways.
I stuck with black and white pieces for a full monochrome effect.


Children channel their favorite celeberity looks at the 2014 Golden Globes. It's the work of photographer Tricia Messeroux, who swaps out Hollywood stars for mini-lookalikes for her yearly ToddleWood project. You are going to love the miniature looks.


Hello darlings!
Well, I'm doing a hair review for the first time on this blog.
I've gotten a lot of nice compliments and questions about my hair so I'm using this post to answer most of the questions asked.


Back in uni, when I wasn't wearing the usual black skirt, white shirt uniform for Law students, I would always wear a pair of jeans with a chiffon shirt.
I felt restricted! My plan after graduation was to rock all the sleeveless short gowns, the mono- strap tops and gowns, everything I couldn't wear while in school.
I started by giving out most of my shirts (an action I regret, oh well)
Look at me now, I don't even see that happening. lol
I think its time to re-stock on the shirts.


Late post!
Never thought I would wear 'to-match' i.e a patterned or printed suit.
But here I am.
I didn't buy the skirt and blazer together, they have at least a 6-month gap between them.
I didn't even know they were of the same color until recently. I decided to pair them together and I wore it to church on Sunday.


I know most fashionistas have been waiting to discover the trends that would rock 2014.
Well, I know I have.
I got an email from CHICTOPIA earlier today alerting us of the Neoprene trend, a fashion trend to look out for this 2014.

Neoprene is actually a soft, flexible material that's mainly used by scuba divers, surfers and swimmers. But shockingly, this fabric has found a fashionable place as a summer staple.
It is also the surprise star of the fashion season, with top designers taking the fabric out of the water and putting it on the runways. With its strong and defined lines, spongy neoprene creates architectural shapes with a futuristic finish.
Further distancing neoprene from its typical sporty use, designers are fashioning bonded versions by fusing it with brushed felt, wool, and velvet.


Another Staurday post?!
Just wanted to share what I wore today. In my opinion, its not a 'blog-able' outfit. But I decided to put it up anyway.
Twas a a quick fix outfit for running errands and roaming round shopping malls.
Comfy cigarette-legged pants (jeans would have kept me really uncomfortable), a tank top with a jacket and my most comfortable pair of heels.


Welcome to 2014 darlings!
Glad we all made it.
Looking back at 2013, I can't help but recall my favorite trends.
I loved the Peplum and Monochrome Trends most and I just pray they don't go away any time soon.
So this is me saying, 'Monochrome, pleeaasseee stay with us in 2014'

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