I've never been one to care too much about beauty.
When I was younger, I didn't even bother with applying any cream on my body after a bath, I was that nonchalant.
I used to think, 'I'm no Kim K or Eva Longoria when it comes to beauty so why bother'
I just decided to dress well in order to make up for that lack.

Well, until recently.
I traveled back home early last month for my grandma's burial and returned with rashes scattered all over my forehead.
Me in my usual way thought, 'after a few days, it will just go away'. But it didn't.
After one week, it had even increased, then I became worried.
Never been a fan of beauty products. Scared of what the cheap ones might do to my face.
And the ones I thought might work are quite expensive.

I turned to Google for help, and Lemon was the answer.
God had already given us all that we needed. Lemon, a fruit, very affordable and a natural solution to a lot of our beauty problems. 
There are countless uses for Lemon. I can give you about 50 of them now, but I won't (ask google)
I'm just gonna share my experience with lemon.

So I headed to the market and bought some lemons.
There were different modes of applying the lemon juice on the face to clear dark spots.

1. Spraying it on : put lemon juice into an old spray bottle and add equal amount of water. Spray it on your skin

2. Rub a lemon rind over your skin.

3. Use as a facial mask. (A lot of mixtures here)

4. Cut lemon slices, squeeze juice into cotton ball. Apply to face and rinse off after 10-30 mins.
This is actually the mode of application I use, probably cos its the easiest.
I cut the lemon in half, and keep it refrigerated. I apply it most nights after washing my face with cold water and toilet soap. Been doing it for about a month now and I can proudly say that my face feels like a baby's skin! The rashes cleared in one week, and I'm hoping the dark spots would completely disappear.

The negative side to the use of lemon is that it lightens the skin, slowly but effectively.
Constant use over a period of time would give the face a lighter complexion. You would look funny if the face is much more lighter than your body.
 My face used to be darker than the rest of my body, thanks to Nigerian Sun! But now its almost the same shade with the rest of my body.
So it would be advisable to take a break from the use of lemon on the face once you've achieved the clear skin you needed. Unless you you find a way of applying it on your entire body (If you do, please share!).

Lighten Dark Lips
Now to my 2nd favorite and most recently discovered use of lemon.
To lighten dark lips.
I had never given much thought to what my lips looked like naked from lipsticks until recently. I just noticed that they were too dark for my complexion.
Dark lips are commonly caused by smoking, excess tea or coffee intake, sun exposure and improper maintenance.
I don't ever smoke, I wouldn't take hot tea to save my life, My mum banned coffee in my house so I would attribute my dark lips to sun exposure and improper maintenance.

There are also different ways to lighten dark lips which include use of honey as lip balm, increased intake of water and vegetables, moisturizing the lips, use of lemon juice to remove tan from lips etc.
I plan to implement most of these tips. I also made a 'solution' for use on my lips.
I squeezed lemon juice into a small container and mixed it with honey. I used a cotton bud to apply it on my lip as a lip balm.
The mixture can be preserved in the fridge for up to a week.
Lemon honey lip serum
The lemon juice peels off the dark skin and the honey adds pink color to the lips. Leave on the lips for an hour before wiping off with soft cloth. This can be applied as many times as possible in a day.
I just started this yesterday, even got my siblings to join me in the experiment, lol.
Would keep you posted on the progress.
I might even do a 'before and after' post... 'looking for my camera to take a pic of the before'
Till then!

Hope you find these tips helpful.


Ciao darlings!

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  1. hehe, lemon is magic la, hope ur rashes dn disappear sha :) nice post


  2. Portia nwa. THANK YOU!! I also recently started having those annoying rashes that just wouldn't go away. I'll try lemon

  3. lemon is really the answer.
    helped me clear my dark underarm and elbows. but am still battling with pimples.


  4. Wait. Do you use it both in the morning and night?

    1. Just at night, b. Lemon is acidic and can cause dryness. Its advisable to moisturise after use.

    2. Yes lemon n lime r just awesome 2 use....u can even use it for dark knee and armpit....visit www.neninaija.com 4 some natural remedies stretch marks,dark kneels,etc

  5. You are very good @ wot u do hun. Keep it up. Very nice piece

  6. Yes,the tips were helpful.
    Need it for my face(which girl doesn't anyways)


  7. Really helpful, I've heard a lot about lemons.and also honey and fresh tomatoes..natural beauty care for the skin..

  8. Wow!!! Lemon is def all purpose,loving all your tips. Glad you found sometime natural for your rashes.
    Great Blog. Buzz me on your next post,Kisses..

  9. Will try dis dear thanks so 4 vistin ma blog www.fashionitazbybuiti.blogspot.com

  10. This was helpful,I will have to recommend it for my sis.

    I just saw your profile that you base in fct, would love very much to meet you.

  11. Have "naturally" dark lips, will definitely try the lemon and honey balm,
    it works and people stop calling me a smoker lol,

  12. Nice tips abt d lemon.am also usin lemon for my acne.it's rly effective.using it in d night is advisable,When lemon juice comes into contact with your skin and your skin is exposed to the sun it can lead to a dark streaky rash on your skin and sunburn that may last for MONTHS!!so alwys use a sunscreen wth spf30 n apply lemon juice on skin twice/thrice in a week. Love ur blog dear.more grease to ur elbow

  13. Lovely tips. Lemme try dem out and see. Regards, TSB

  14. Hi doll thanks for this piece.My face is getting so dark its scary.I'm going to try this out and see how it goes.

  15. Great tips, will definitely try them out..thanks 4 sharing


  16. I've read about sprinkling baking soda on the lemon before scrubbing. Hope your pimples clear up soonest.

  17. Nice tips...waiting to see the "after" results,

  18. Will try this, I hope it works. These tiny pimples on my face will not even see it coming!


  19. Love thissssssssss

    My blog here www.Islandchic77.com

  20. gotta try this:O)


  21. that's amazing, i should try that! thanks for sharing!

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    It’s a GIRL Thing

  22. Great post porsh, i already knew about the lime as a facial cleanser, but for the lips? tanx alot porsh i am gonna try it out.

  23. very helpful tips, thanks for sharing


  24. Nice post, thanks for sharing it!
    New outfit post on my blog, check it out if you have time, I'll be happy to read what you think =)

  25. Great post Portia

    love Vikee

  26. Lemon is good for the face,I used it sometime for my face then for my body I use lemon,yogurt,avocado pear and oats, pretty stressful,I've not done in a while now tho..Thank God my lips are not black.lol

    1. Please can you explain how you did all the mixture of the different things you mentioned above? Help a sister. Thanks alot

  27. Tried the 'lemon in cotton wool method' before and it stung so bad,maybe cos of the pimples.lazy as I am,I stopped the treatment,now I think I'l face it and just try again.plus I hate the smell of honey,I wonder how I'l work on my dark lips

  28. Thanks for the post girl,really appreciate


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