I smell Christmas in the air!
Presently watching X Factor USA (re-runs I think) and I'm being all emotional.
One second I'm close to tears, the next I'm screaming down the house.
The final 8 got to say what and who they are most thankful for. Its amazing to find out that people seem to be going through a lot in their lives but manage to put on a smiling face no matter what.

There a lot of things we've got to be thankful for.
I'm thankful for Life and Good Health.
I'm thankful for my Family and Friends.
I'm thankful for Love and Grace.
I'm thankful for my who I am and who I'm gonna become.
I'm thankful for where I am and where I'm headed.

I'm thankful for You.
You have no idea the impact You've had on my life.
The emails, the comments and even just visiting my 'wee' blog has gone a long way to uplift my spirits.
This year has been a lil bit tough for me and it got to a point where I felt that I was being punished for a sin I had no idea I committed.
But y'all helped me through it all without even knowing it. And for that I'm super grateful.

About my outfit....
Animal Print is the new black!
I can wear it with anything! 
Red, Neon, Black, Blue, Orange, Prints, Patterns.... you name it.
I decided to go for pastel colors in styling my leopard print skirt.
Pale pink top, White blazer, Nude clutch, Gold accessories (I piled them on to add a lil shine to my outfit).
Skirt - MissRebel  Get it HERE
Shoes - Aldo
Jacket - MissRebel  Get it HERE
Top - Primark
Clutch and Belt - Thrifted
Bracelet - Opia
Neck piece - Random Store (Borrowed from my sissy)

Happy Thanksgiving!


Ciao darlings!

"Singing a song of thanksgiving and telling of all your wonders"
PSALM 26:7

"In everything give thanks... "



  1. you look gorgeous dear.
    it is very important to always be thankful for those little things we take for granted.

  2. Looking gorge darlyn! Get well soon dearie and fly down here lets turn up lol!

  3. Looking Gorge darlyn! Get well soon and fly down here lets turn up lol!

  4. This is so chic and I need that hair in my life!

  5. Yaaay, TeamXfactor, TeamAlona, loving this combo

    i'm thankful you found my blog and i found yours

  6. I'm speechless. Your blog is entertaining,enlightening and soo not artificial. More grease to your elbow. Keep loving fashion! God bless you!

  7. Me love dat skirt..mmwah!..I wanna bug u about Born pretty *coversface* have u ordered thr sinc they snt u dt cute red watch? If yes , did u use ur zenith card? I saw sm really cute rings thr..pls do reply. Thank you..cheers! Tee

  8. Love this look babe and your hair is gorgeous!

  9. You look gorg.pls work on ur pic quality;make ur pics bold.u can check to see what I'm talking about. Cheers

    1. Dear Anon it is with pleasure I write you this small piece of mine, her pics is fabulous, bold and authentic. Now one thing aboit blogging is this you either use any of your relatives or friends to take your pics or u engage the services of a photographer whichever one is fine by us the readers and followers. Very good cameras don't come cheap and by the way are you Toun? Do u know that Portia pulls more traffic than Toun? Have u visited Touns blog lately to check and see how many comments shr has got. Style or great camera one can buy but a great personality and character is hard to come by. I don't just leave comments on peoples blog their style alone is not what attracts me but what they have on their inside, how they respond to their readers and followers, and people who don't feel too big to comment or compliment their fellow ladies. All said and done Portia is Darling moi Portia while the other lady u mentioned is just her. Thanks

    2. I even bothered to checkout the tounaj blog. 3 things

      1. I think she is trying so hard to copy and be like "style is my thing", not original!!!
      2. Her photos are heavily Photoshoped
      3. Her photos are too posy, she's trying too her hard!

      GO PORTIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Portia, pls pay less attention to the toun lady, u rock boo. Her blog is good but urs I better n I look foward to each post!

    4. True, I prefer Portia cos her looks are more inspiring for ladies like me who wanna be simple yet chic and fashionable, d oda, oh well...

    5. Just trying to tell her she can improve wit d pics simple!meant no harm ya'll shld stop taking it personal,no one is fighting anybody. 1luv!

  10. I love this look especially ur skirt and ur top is soo cute

  11. This is so chic! The neck piece is giving me life.

  12. Hello,Ciao Portia...Great Post,every photo is as beautiful as a painting...and your outfit is a superior work of Art.
    Fabolous look of Yours:perfect blend of colours...Chic,Elegant, have such amazing talent in wearing!
    ciao from Italy

  13. Pls I need d name of dis hair u ve on asap if u want a sis to luk gud on xmas day. Lovely combo by d way,I check ur blog everyday nd dt has really helped me wit d wear I dress bt It's just dt i hardly comment

  14. Porshie, your hair is gorg! I need it like yesterday. Lol! Can you please inbox me or drop the name on here. Except you don't want me to do 'irun odun' that is........! Fab look as always!

  15. Hello portia! Just wanna confirm ds msrabel thing! I hope its secure

  16. Love this look! The animal print is gorgeous and your accessories are perfect :)

  17. I m guessing porsh is too busy to reply mails and comments (questions)..been snding mails since last grudge. I m out

  18. you ve neva failed to wow me wit ur outfits, go girl, may d end of dis year go wit ur problems. Peace dear.

  19. Thank you all soooo much for your wonderful comments!
    Y'all always put smiles on my face.

    Please all questions should be directed to my email here -----
    I can't reply all the questions asked in the comment section.
    @Anon 20:18, I reply every mail sent to me unless I don't see it as it tends to get mixed up with other newsletters I get so often.
    You can resend the email and I would definitely respond to it.

  20. You are stunning in this outfit and I really do love your style! I also feel like I have had a rough year as well, and my blog is the only thing that keeps me going somedays, I swear. :) Have a good week darling!
    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment Portia!!! :)

  21. Looking fabulous!

  22. Gorgeous, your necklace and skirt bomb:)

  23. Love prints

  24. U look good. Thank God for you

  25. Love the skirt. U look good. Thank God for you

  26. U rock dear and I love u for being you. Keep the flag flying

  27. oh babes this is beautiful and just reading it has really made me think what I'm thankful for: definitely my health, and the health, love and support of my family. I'm so pleased that we have had an impact on your life for the better. Keep doing what you do honey; you are beautiful inside and out, especially in this gorgeous outfit x

  28. Happy thanksgiving Portia. I stumbled on ur blog recently and I like what you've been doing. That neck piece is lovely and u've paired it perfectly with the leopard print. <3 Keep soaring high :-)

    Check out my style blog here too -

  29. I love the skirt. And your hair is gorgeous

  30. she is a crush on u.

  31. Loving this classy and fun look - your skirt is so chic!

  32. Lovely

  33. I so love the animal print skirt on u...gorgeous is the word!

  34. Nice sence of dressing, nice fashion.

  35. Keep the flag flying portia, you are taking fashion + law to another level.
    Ps:you look amazing!


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