When celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham run out for a few things at the grocery store, they look like they've just stepped out of the pages of Vogue magazine. It's easy to look fabulous all the time when you have personal stylists at your beck and call -- not to mention a virtually unlimited budget at your disposal.
For those of us with limited bank accounts, however, looking fashionable can be more of a challenge. Yet fashion experts say that you can look fabulous, regardless of you much you spend. Part of the key to becoming a fashionista is figuring out your personal style -- then finding specific wardrobe pieces that highlight it.
So, here are 10 ways to cultivate your own special look. You'll find out how to buy clothes that accentuate your assets, learn tips for making the most of your existing wardrobe and discover how to look like a million bucks -- without spending anywhere near that much.

10: Know Who You Are

How do you like to dress? Are you wild or more conservative? Do you prefer business formal or casual comfort? Consider the persona you want to present to the world.
Think about:
  • Your age. Clothing should always be age-appropriate. If you've got grandchildren and you're dressing like them, there's a problem. It's OK to want to look youthful -- just make sure your outfits suit your stage of life.
  • Your occupation. You wouldn't wear jeans and a cut-off T-shirt to work at a law firm, and you wouldn't wear super-high heels and a short skirt to teach kindergartners. Use your profession as your guide when you shop. Once you've got an appropriate ensemble for your job, jazz it up with a few accessories to add your own personal flair.
  • Your lifestyle. Stiletto heels are just fine for the city, but they'll make you stick out like a sore thumb if you live way out in the country. Fashion should combine form and function, and it should fit well with your surroundings.
Remember that you don't need to buy designer duds to express your personal style. Even jeans and T-shirts can be stylish if you feel comfortable in them and choose the right ones.

9: Look for Inspiration

Find a celebrity or model who best captures the style you want to emulate. Flip through the pages of leading fashion and entertainment magazines to find pictures of your style icons.  Don't copycat --just use elements of that celebrity's look as a springboard to create your own style..
Inspiration can come from a variety of sources. I get alot of inspiration from other fashion bloggers.Take what you see and recreate it to make your own.

8: Know What You Want to Accomplish

Take out a notebook or journal and write down your goals -- in life and in fashion. Then start to think about which design elements and accessories can help you accomplish those goals. If you want to get a better job, think about adding a few pieces to your suit collection. If you're headed back to school, you'll want to trade in a few of the suits you already have for some casual knits and jeans.
Once you have your list in hand, take it with you when you shop.

7: Accentuate Your Assets

What are the best parts of your body? Focus on the areas that you like best; choose clothing and accessories to highlight them.
Know your measurements so you can find clothing that fits well. Write down your measurements and bring them with you when you shop.
Try to dress to your body shape. For example:
  • Most women's bodies are pear-shaped, which means they have a narrow waist and wider hips. If you're pear-shaped, buy clothing that draws attention to your slim upper body. Brightly colored shirts, scarves and modern-looking shoulder pads should work well. Wear tailored pants and skirts, as well as hip-length long jackets. Avoid pleats and stripes, which will further accentuate broader areas.
  • If you're rounder and more apple-shaped all around, you'll want to draw attention away from your waist. Go for flat-fronted skirts, empire-waisted dresses and tailored, wide-legged pants.
  • Don't accentuate a flat chest with a deep v-neck. Instead, choose rounded-neck tops, and add a layered necklace to add dimension.
  • If you're busty, accentuate your curves by wearing a scooped neckline that hugs your chest appropriately.
  • If you're extra curvy, you don't have to wear baggy, saggy clothes. You can still find fashionable, tailored clothes that comfortably compliment your body. Shop in stores that can accommodate your shape and buy clothes that fit well.

6: Take a Style Lesson

You don't need a degree in fashion to understand clothing. You just need a good eye and a willingness to learn. You also need to be more aware when you shop. Look at different fabrics.
Look for a variety of fabrics when you shop. Choose some cotton pieces for everyday, silk ones for dressing up. Learn how to care for your fabrics too.
Know which fabrics and textures are most flattering. Shiny, bulky, or stiff textures can make you appear bigger than you really are. Smooth, matte surfaces, like cashmere and jersey, can really slim you down.

5: Assess Your Current Wardrobe 

As you develop your personal style, don't be afraid to throw out anything that doesn't fit your current look. Get to know the contents of your closet. Looking through your wardrobe will help you identify your current style -- what you like about it and what you wish you could change. A walk through your closet will help you get a sense of what you feel most comfortable wearing -- short skirts or long flowing dresses, business suits or track suits. Look at your clothing styles and colors, as well as your shoe and accessory collections.
Also use this opportunity to do some spring cleaning. Pull out each piece in your wardrobe and ask yourself:
  • Is it worn out, ripped or stained?
  • Is it more than three years old?
  • Is it out of style?
  • Does it fit?
  • Does it match anything else in your wardrobe?
  • Has it been hanging in your closet unworn for more than a season?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, put that item into a bag. When the bag is full, give it to charity and take the tax write-off, or sell it at a consignment store and make some extra cash that you can use to fill your wardrobe gaps.

4: Make a Few Changes

You don't need to reinvent your entire wardrobe to develop your personal style. That would cost a fortune. Instead, update it. You just need to pick up a few new things.Start by introducing a few up-to-date pieces that reflect your style -- some earrings, a new pair of shoes or a scarf.
Don't be afraid to experiment a little, but take baby steps. If you've been very conservative your whole life, buy one "out there" piece. Shop in places you wouldn't normally go, like an antique clothing store or (if you can afford it) a high-end designer boutique. You might find that you like taking a few risks with your wardrobe.
Although change is good, it's also important to maintain a core wardrobe composed of a few well-designed and constructed pieces.

3: Stock Up on Wardrobe Essentials

Now matter what your personal style, every spectacular wardrobe has to start with a few basic pieces. You can incorporate these classics into a variety of looks.
.Check out the full post on this HERE. Once you have these essentials hanging in your closet, you can keep them updated with trendy jewelry, belts and shoes.

2: Stay in Your Comfort Zone

Don't suffer in stiletto heels when you'd rather wear flats. And don't suck in your stomach to squeeze into a skin-tight pair of designer jeans. Wear what makes you comfortable.
If you're not sure what makes you comfortable, look to your closet for inspiration. Sift through your clothes and pull out your favorites. Ask yourself why you love them. Do you like the way the clothes make you look? Do you get a lot of compliments when you wear them?
Speaking of shopping, don't just rush in and out of stores -- take time when you're trying on clothes. Consider the ease of putting on the article of clothing, how good you look in it, and how well it fits in with your current wardrobe and needs.

1: Trust Your Instincts

Don't go for the trend, go for the comfortable. Wear what works for you. No matter what the hottest designers, celebrities and stylists are saying on the pages of the fashion magazines, ultimately the only person you have to please is yourself. Buying an article of clothing that you hate just because it's trendy is never a good idea.
If don't like what you see in the dressing room mirror, you won't like that outfit any better once you get it home.Don't hesitate to ask for help from fashionable friends and family.


 Ciao darlings!




  1. Great tips Porsh especially for a girl like me who can only dream about Victoria's wardrobe!

  2. Lovely post! :D

  3. Great article babe,but I'd like beg to disagree with you a little bit here.In my opinion ,as for Victoria Becks and style's no brainer but Kim Kardashian has well documented appalling sense of style.

  4. Great post darling, I've learned over the years the necessity of stocking up on basic pieces.. I used to Often find myself pondering what to wear because I had so many statement pieces but no basics to pair them with


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