Classic with a new-age twist, the electric neon hues are very popular this now. Very bold and bright, you cannot miss one of the big fashion trends of the season- eye-popping neon colours.

 The retro neon colour was originally born in the 80’s. At that time neon fashion were popular colours like shocking orange, lime green, daring or luminous yellow, hot pink and electric blue.
  And the 80’s psychedelic inspired trend is rocking the scene again in more refined ensembles.


  These fun and fashionable colours are very luminescent in nature and hence can be worn solid as a base or as an accent depending on your style, personality, occasion and considering your body build, too.
  Whether it is a handbag, belt, a pair of jeans, a dress or skirt, this season’s neon is what will make anything in your wardrobe a wow.


  In order to inject vibe or add an instant glam to your ensembles, you have to choose the colour that look good on you and style them properly. The easiest way to do this is to choose pumped up versions of colors you already wear.
   If you are quirky and stylish, but not that daring, accessorise with a neon bag or bangles. As for colour choice, neon yellows and greens are for darker skin tones and neon pink and purple go well with lighter skin colours.

  The key to stick to being super-stylish is to never wear many neon pieces at the same time.
  To get started on the latest electrifying and in-your-face bright look, here are a few tips on how to work it out.
Pair with neutrals
This is a perfect way to wear neon trend without looking too outlandish. Choosing to wear just one piece of neon clothing with a neutral colour palette allows the bright colour to be the true focus of the outfit, creating a bold, yet still relatively tame look.

Downplay the neon in your look
Instead of highlighting your bright neon piece by wearing it with neutrals, you can also downplay it by wearing it with other bold pieces. This makes the neon item just one small element of the outfit. Try wearing a hot skirt with a colorful printed top. Accessorize items in one of the colours in the print for a pulled-together look. Remember, if you go for bright shoes keep your bag neutral and vice-versa.

Make a contrast
Black and neon are total opposites that make a perfect contrast when paired together. You can also try pairing one neon piece with another for a bright neon block look. Make sure to keep the neon pieces solid-coloured and brightly hued for a bold, yet chic look.

Try neon jeans.
Wear neon jeans with a light colored tee, denim jacket, and simple ballet flats for a casual day look.
Pair your neon jeans with a sweet cotton neutral-colored blouse and bold handbag for a clean, preppy look.
For a sleek nighttime look, consider wearing neon jeans with a sophisticated patterned blouse, metallic pumps, and a clutch.

 Consider adding neon heels to the mix. Whether you opt for solid neon orange platforms or black kitten heels with electric blue accents, make sure the shoes enhance your outfit. Use brightly colored shoes to set-off a classic black-and-white outfit. Don’t feel forced to match your shoes and accessories.

Accessorise with jewellery
Most big costume jewellery is into neon these days. Big chunky stones in fluorescent green, orange and pink, when put together create quite an impact. Team such pieces with something simple like a black dress and heels for a truly stunning look.
Here are some combinations that you can use like inspiration for your crazy neon outfit.

Fashion Trend: Neon Colors!

Fashion Trend: Neon Colors!

Fashion Trend: Neon Colors!

Fashion Trend: Neon Colors!

Fashion Trend: Neon Colors!

Fashion Trend: Neon Colors!

Fashion Trend: Neon Colors!

Fashion Trend: Neon Colors!

Fashion Trend: Neon Colors!

* Make sure that neon is appropriate and acceptable for the event you plan to attend.
*Neon colored clothing is easily worn on the beach and can be appropriate for nights out with friends in casual settings.
*Wearing neon is not recommended at job interviews, traditionally formal affairs, or somber occasions, such as funerals.
*If you are unsure about wearing neon to an event, consult event dress codes and guidelines.
*Neon clothing is a fad, so it's wise to choose a couple signature pieces to work into your wardrobe rather than spending loads of money on clothing that can quickly become outdated. 
*Don't overdo it. Too many neons worn at the same time might overwhelm your look.


Ciao darlings!




  1. Lovely peplum! I love them ;)

    xoxo Gozika

  2. I looovve Neon!
    Nice post.

  3. I'm a lover of neon, so I love this post!!!

  4. thanks for those tips, before person go think say him don dress fyn well well not knwing you look stupid. i think you just saved mi from a big fashion mishap.


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