So, a blogger friend (Cassie) put up a post on her blog yesterday and it ‘gingered’ me to do something similar.
The post was titled ‘Tall Girl Problems!! Life as a 6ft 1 girl’. Check out the post HERE.
By the time I was done reading the contents, I was laughing really hard but at the same time I was like ‘guurrl you’ve got no idea how much I would love to have the problems you are complaining about!'

So this is me lamenting and giving you an insight to what it’s like living as a short girl (all 5ft 2” of me).
*    *  Shorter than everyone
All my life I’ve been ‘small’ in size until I started putting on ‘old-age’ weight and then I became ‘fat and short’.
At this point, everyone’s taller than I am. Even my 14 year old brother dwarfs me.

2  *  Tall guys are a must
You know how awkward it seems when you see a couple and they are both ‘short’. Phewww!
There’s nothing cuter than a really short lady with a super tall man (Jada-Pinkett n Will Smith, my favorite celeb couple. Patiently waiting for my Will Smith, lol)
As a short girl, for the sake of your future off springs, you have to be really picky when it comes to the height of your future hubby.

I once met this really cute dude (half German + half Nigerian=super cute, a pilot, very funny etc) but we couldn’t even think about being anything more than just friends.
Reason: He was short . :(

1  *   Heels are our best friends!
I started wearing really high heels from my 2nd year in Secondary school (wedges a.k.a ‘akpoola’). I knew I wasn’t gonna be tall so I needed to ‘help’ myself.
I cannot begin to count how many times my school sandals were seized cos they were not the required ones and obviously exceeded the accepted heel height.
In the years following, I dared not leave the house without wearing heels and no matter how much my feet hurt, I had to keep them on.

2  *   Shoe size
This is actually my biggest problem!
I wear a Size 36 (UK size 3, US size 6) and it’s always a torture walking through stores without finding shoes that fit. They always say that the cutest shoes are in smaller sizes, yea, they actually meant the babies/kiddies section!

1  *   Walking with tall peeps
One of my closest friends, Ezinne (Miss Nigeria 2013, and yea, I’ve got bragging rights!) is super tall (6ft 2”, I think). Put that next to my 5ft 2” and you’ve got a David and Goliath situation.
We spent 5years in the University together and being course mates we walked around together a lot. You wouldn’t believe the nasty and mean comments peeps made about the height difference.
And the pace at which these tall peeps walk! I have to practically run with my short legs to keep up.

2  *   Height discrimination
Who told you that I love seating or standing in front? Oh cos I’m short eh?
Teacher - ‘Stand in a straight line’
 Outta nowhere - ‘Portia, come to the front!”
Are you freaking kidding me?!

3  *   Reaching for things
I always have to ask someone tall or drag a chair to help me reach stuffs that are high up.
In my next life (if there’s any such thing) Michael Jordan’s height won’t have anything on mine!

4   *   I refuse to be intimidated!
My tall friends actually use the mirror from behind me and see their face comfortably.
There are lil things they would do that would irk me just cos I’m short.
‘Oh, you are raising your voice at me, you think you can bully me cos I’m short eh?’
Always on the defensive!

* Talk about awkward hugs with tall people. Sowie, a handshake would suffice, Thank you!

5   *    Clothes!
I always have clothes that need to be shortened.
Even short jeans are still too long.

6  *   Food problems
Gaining one pound looks like 5!
Nothing’s more annoying than knowing that you weigh the same as the skinny girls you know but they have nicer bodies since they are taller.
I always have to watch what I eat.

* Driving a car
Please don't get me started...


7   *  No hope for a beauty queen crown (call me up when they start 'Miss Petite' or 'Miss Short n Fat' pageants) or modeling career…. I could go on and on and on……
But let me stop here.

It took me a while to accept me the way I am and I’ve come to love myself , short and short. I was even surprised that tall girls encounter some sort of difficulty (I thought they automatically had some kinna super power).

But this goes to show that all you need is self-love and nothing can stop you from being all that you want to be.


Ciao darlings!
“You’re only as tall as your heart will let you be and only as small as you make yourself seem”



  1. Awesome bby.....m so gonna repost this on my site

  2. Gurl! you got me in stitches. trust me you look really lovely.


  3. I can't believe you have shoe problems, I think my size of shoes sell out really quick too or some shoes I want are not in my size. You should not bother about your height. Everyone has something they are facing because of their size (like me lol), height, color, disabilities. Just know who you are and turn a deaf year and face what ever is coming your way :)

  4. Portia dearie,sHare d same view as urs,short girls rocks!

  5. The most annoying part of being petite (I refuse to use the word "short") is the weght issue, 1 pound looks lik'e 10 pounds on petite girls. Its so annoying. All the same I love my cute 5'4.


  6. Awesome!!!!! Knowing this part of u is nice....

  7. Well I like being short, at least even not so tall/average guys are tall enough for us so its not hard finding a tall guy for us short girls, at least that's what I use to comfort myself. Go short or go home!!!! XOXO Nomso

  8. I only 5'2 as well :( the struggle is real

  9. Lmaooo. You didn't dull me. Loool!! That first picture killed me!


  10. this is just me though am 4'9 for me its a disaster finding the perfect size on shoes or clothes but well i love myself and i appreciate what God blessed

  11. This hilarious. You had me in stitches. Thanks great way to start my day.

  12. Hilarious! I'm 5"9 and i can't wear heels cause i ain't tryna look like no bball player biko and then i can't find my shoe size (10.5) because they are so limited. So trust me tall girls get wahala too. Great to find out that you have overcome. Fun fact too...my closest friend is 5"2 so i feeeeeeel you

  13. Loool I so agree with you on these points. I've been wearing heels since primary school to be honest. I know I'm never going to be tall. Highest I can be is 5'2 and I'm presently a 4'11. And yess I have to marry a tall person. Btw, it's not every short person that has small feet o. My feet are huge okay not huge huge but still huge. Anyways, great post. xx

  14. Lwkmdh!!! Lmao! Damn I can't stop laughing, gurl! Menh, u really are something, nice post!, trust me everybody's got 1 issue or d order,d trick is knowing how to deal with it and you're soooo "good to go"... My 1st time here and I'm already looking forward to ur next post... Hehehe

  15. I also have the shoe size prob(37) n yea Eryone is taller than I am even the 10yr olds its a real struggle girl.. Buh I don't really care about my height cos I get carried all the time *smiles

  16. Pornwa I v always wished I were as cute as u are... U wuldnt believe it.. Being tall has its wahala

  17. Lovely post,great ending.Learn to accept yourself and watch ur happiness grow ;-)

  18. Lovely post. You had me in stitches too:-)

  19. What a great idea for a blog! So funny!! Well you don't look short in your pictures!! :)

  20. Portia dont worry, ur not alone in this. I am also 5ft2. one of my friends even called me portable. can you imagine. but trust me i love the way i am.

  21. Haha i literarily laughed out loud in the library while ready. Lol at 'Portia come to the front." Trust me it takes a lot to accept oneself the way one is coz even as tall as I am (5ft7) I still got issues with me. Bt yeah, the moment we learn to love ourselvthe way we are, no derogatory words can get to us :)

    Keep it blazing hun. I loved this post

  22. NnE! Ure not alone in d struggle look alike moi! Don't worry as we don old for pagentry how abt starting 1for 5fts?

  23. i am a short girl but i have refused to befriend heels.. After Agbani Darego won Miss World it was my dream to be bring the crown home. Few years down the line i'm still the same height, gave up my long-lived dream. *le sigh*

  24. Lol! The david and goliath situation


  25. Well, I just feel we should embrace ourselves no matter how tall we are...am 5'11 and I rock 6inc heels cus I believe life is too short to be worried whether people think am too tall in heels fredaidehen.blogspot.com

  26. awesome post!! m a 5'2 also.loolz..short girls rock btw.**

  27. Lmao!
    Short girl for life!

  28. Looool!tooo true!especially d 'sit in front'part mschew!

  29. No 6 is my major problem!!!
    I can't eat the way I like cus I'm afraid of appearing short and fat !! :(

  30. Haa. Nice post. Am also a 5"2! Chai!! It's really hard when you're that short. I have really tall friends. Though I'm kinda used to being called 'smallie'...You can Imagine!

  31. hahaha this is so cute...weirdly enuf though I wish I was shorter....like ur height, I just think its cute and stuff...bera rock it well.


  32. Looooooooooooooooooooolllllllll!!!! Portiaaaaaaa!!! I just remembered when both of us got same kinda high-heeled sandals back in high school and we'd always hide from Ethelbeth inorder not to have 'em seized. Well, I was eventually caught and had mine seized but I had a plan B... another HIGH HEELED SANDALS right at the bottom of my box! Lmho. This post is just a boxing day gift to me! I'm literally rolling with laughter @dis. And I appreciate it the more cos it has made all our "short-girl problems" appear even more appealing... Kip it up love!

  33. Iam only 4'6". Its very difficult to face annoying comments from relatives as well as my few friends. Really fed up with short strature life. The main problem is to drive. I dont think that short girls are cute.


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