October 13th would always be a day to remember.
Twas the day I decided to start up my own blog after visiting over 100 blogs in a period of one month.
I decided to start blogging not because I knew a whole lot about fashion and thought I show every other person. Some people say that Fashion/Personal style bloggers are just show-offs.
I beg to differ...
I started blogging to document my growth and share the things I love about fashion.
This past year has been a great one. I never knew I would get this far. Blogging was just something I wanted to do for fun and to pass time.
Along the line, I fell in love with it and I'm still loving it. lol

Check out my first post --- HERE
  "To Blog =  
To Share
To Connect
To Create
To Inspire"
 This would never have been possible without you all and for that reason I want to thank each and every one of you for all the love, support and friendship I've received throughout this blogging journey.
I love you all soo much and can't wait to see what my second year of blogging will bring.

Dress - Miss Rebel
Jacket - Miss Rebel
Shoes - Atmosphere
Neck piece - Asos
I would not be able to return your immense love and support but I would try to give my little piece of love.


Ciao darlings!

"But those that wait upon the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount uo with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not be faint" 
            ISAIAH 40:31



  1. I celebrate with U, better dayz ahead aii

  2. Aww,api blogiversary love..much love frm lola

  3. For ur shoes.. when u say atmosphere u mean "primark"?? The cheap "primark" innit? Lmao

    1. Exactly!
      The cheap 'primark'.
      Hey, you can't get to me, not today. So you take your bitter self someplace else.
      Thanks for dropping by anyway.
      You are my major motivation!
      From Primark to Louboutins... Watch out!

    2. Porsh, u gave the best reply, God bless your heart, happy blogiversary! Kip on doin wot u do

    3. Smh for some people. The shop s primark, the brand is atmosphere dumbass.

      Cheap or not as long as watever it is is nice.

      Stupid and faceless anonymous. Hater oshi.

      Congrats porsh. I would like to make a few suggestions fr the new year.

      #the picture bckground: its really nice for a house but distracting when combined with your outfit.

      #bloghopping: u shld reduce the way u comment on blogs especially cuz some of us know u, its just somehow finding a random link and firstcomment I read is from justporsh.

      #blogupdates: I thnk u shld update a lil more often even if its just random stuff e.g. I really enjoyed the short girl problems post

      #choice of outfit: u look really gr8 in this post but most times u wear really tight tops that show off ur big belly which u dnt even bother to take a breather to tuck in a little. It hurts the eyes and entire image.

      I'm on the same page with u on taking this blog to the next level. So wld appreciate if u try and work on atleast one of the abovementiond.

      All the best dear

  4. Happy anniversary dear. U look good. Keep up with the good work.

  5. Bon anni boo, pls don't let ny cheap talker (am sure doesn't own shit!) Make u feel down. Btw u r wearing our dress, pic mix coming soon ..ur hipS killed it tho

  6. Ride on love don't mind d haters

  7. Congrats dear. HBA. More grace

  8. I have refreshed your blog countless times. Please do update regularly (Everyday) :D . I enjoy the fashion tips a lot. God bless you xx

  9. Congrats Porsh! You look fabulous in that dress :) And ha, looking fabulous in cheap clothes is my favourite artform, why bother spending more?!

    Sam Muses xx

  10. But all these so called haters tho?! Aniwaiz what more can they offer. Honestly it gets me thinking. A young lady works towards developing her passion and personality and you see them hating. Indeed "they" are our movitation.
    Happy Blogiversary Pornwa.
    You are actually among the few that inspired me to startup my blog, and indeed patience is a virtue, and i know by the time i clock a year, i'd have a story to tell.
    More Grace.

  11. Amazing outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your continued success and growth as a blogger.

  12. Hey dear congrats! in ds second year of blogging I urge u to post often to keep ur readers captivated cos I notice u abandon ur blog for days witout posting nothing I personally loose interest on that and nice dress btw

  13. happy anniversary dear,
    nice outfit, the last pix is my favourite.

  14. HApppppppppyyyy blogiversary baby girl :*

  15. Happy blogiversary dear.

  16. Let your dream , passion motivates them, No option than getting the best.........All the best dear

  17. OMG! Happy blogiversary sugar. I looooove your shoes and your dress*faints*. As for all 'em haters,keep hating ooo but she'll keep doing her thing. U can also use a cheap thing wisely and in this,she rocked it. Beautiful beautiful shoes. Cheers to Louboutin!!!

  18. Happy blogiversary! I love that dress!

  19. Happy anniversary Dear..
    Keep up the good work you've started!

  20. DANG u look HAWTTTTTTT!!! Will u marry me? Pic 6 is KILLA!! Cant help it ur booty is slammin! Excellent way to mark ur versary. xxxxxxxxxx ;)

  21. Hooorahhh! happy Anniversary love!
    Don't let them get to you especially not today. Keep shining and getting better and stronger. You look absolutely lovely

    Lots of love *hugz*

  22. Looooooool @ cheap primark,buh common portia u dnt need 2 fight ppl wen dey see such tins,go 2 oda blogs n see wat ppl comment dere,d bloggers juz let it u monochrome midi.#in btwn did u wear a bum/hip pad dere?#

  23. I love the dress, congrats doll, happy blogiversary

  24. Happy Blogiversary. Love the midi dress, suits you so well. Keep strutting your thing.

  25. love the dress,happy anniversary

  26. Happy blogiversary girl :) and you look amazing in that dress.

  27. Congratulations! Love your dress.xx

  28. Yes I beg to differ as well. It's staying creative with what you got! That checker dress looks stunning on you. And happy blogversary!


  29. Congrats not easy n about the shoe thing u shld know comments like that come from frustrated ppl so don't let them discourage you!n btw I love ur dress,is there anyway u could help me get one?I could pay in the money in ur acct so u can help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!I want to wear it for a bday next month.lemme know asap. Thanks En_kay

  30. Happy blogiversary porsh!! wishing you better blogging days/weeks/years ahead! Keep up the good work and remain amazing!

  31. Congrats dear! I keep on blogging. Love your dress and the check print is gorgeous :)


  32. Hurrahhh! happy Anniversary love!
    Don't let them get to you especially not today of all days. Keep shining and getting better and stronger dear. You look absolutely lovely..tinu

  33. Happy Blogversary! keep it going, and ignore any negativity anyone has to say. Love your check print dress.#hot :)

  34. Happy Blogiversary, JustPorsh. I always look forward to your posts

  35. Congrats........I love your blog ...and your dress is amazing!!!

    xx, Joana

  36. Happy Blogiversary. I'm glad you are still enjoying it. I used to think that about fashion bloggers as well, they were just show offs, until I started doing it ha ha.

    Anyway, you look amazing in this dress, I love it. It shows off your curves perfectly and I love the print on it as well. Go girl! What a perfect blogiversary dress!

  37. Keep on shining dearie... Happy Blogiversary!!!

  38. Congrats dear!
    Lovely dress.

  39. you look beautiful in that dress ...

  40. U have a stunning body.


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