I'm the kinna girl that can wear one wrist watch for the rest of my life (yea I'm always that committed, lol).
But when I got an email from Lynn of Born Pretty Store to do a review on a wrist watch, I was 'like yaayy! new wrist watch in the house! lol'.
I was asked to choose and it was one of the toughest decisions ever cos of the different styles and amazing patterns of watches (who am I kidding, we always have to make tough decisions when it comes to shopping for clothes).
Of course I chose a red watch.
And I got my package in less than 3 weeks.


Rouge vallari is a clothing brand that provides women with funky classy designs with a timeless elegance that stands out with creative designs that have a futuristic edge blended into vintage swanky style.Its head creative Designer, ChiChi Iyiegbuniwe is a graduate of Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Lagos, a childhood passion for fashion transformed into her present brand and quest for a distinct look for the young and Bold woman.


Hii Hii!!!
Hope y'all had an amazing weekend.
This is a quick post of what I wore to church today.


Something different..
You like?
I had a lil 'accident' at home last night and I was rushed to the clinic first thing this morning for a tetanus shot (highly exaggerated).
On our way back, my sister and I decided to drop by a friend's house.
The different background, a better camera (my friend's) and time to kill... I just had to take outfit shots.

MISSREBEL... Dress for Less

Lace Trim Contrast Panel Bodycon Dress

 Looking good on a budget what I'm all about.
We all want good things but most of the time are not able to afford them. 
When I first discovered Miss Rebel on one of my numerous Google searches, my heart literally sang for joy!
The prices on their clothing were unbelievable and they deliver worldwide including Nigeria!
One of the few UK online stores that ship to Nigeria!
Detachable Brace Rip Lace Insert Skinny Fit Jean


Classic with a new-age twist, the electric neon hues are very popular this now. Very bold and bright, you cannot miss one of the big fashion trends of the season- eye-popping neon colours.


October 13th would always be a day to remember.
Twas the day I decided to start up my own blog after visiting over 100 blogs in a period of one month.
I decided to start blogging not because I knew a whole lot about fashion and thought I show every other person. Some people say that Fashion/Personal style bloggers are just show-offs.
I beg to differ...
I started blogging to document my growth and share the things I love about fashion.
This past year has been a great one. I never knew I would get this far. Blogging was just something I wanted to do for fun and to pass time.
Along the line, I fell in love with it and I'm still loving it. lol

Check out my first post --- HERE


I saw the post on this beautiful collection on Stella of JadoreFashion's  blog and thought I should share.
African Prints can be high Fashion, this is a typical example.
 I love the vibrant colors,  the mix of prints and patterns in this collection. Just fabulous!


So, a blogger friend (Cassie) put up a post on her blog yesterday and it ‘gingered’ me to do something similar.
The post was titled ‘Tall Girl Problems!! Life as a 6ft 1 girl’. Check out the post HERE.
By the time I was done reading the contents, I was laughing really hard but at the same time I was like ‘guurrl you’ve got no idea how much I would love to have the problems you are complaining about!'


We may not be where we want to be but we are, surely, not where we used to be.
Happy 53rd anniversary! 
God bless NIGERIA!
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