Wedge sneakers have a tendency to raise many eyebrows. People usually love them, hate them, or they just don’t know how to wear them.Wedge sneakers can be an intimidating look to pull off, but just about anyone can do it with a little effort. In principle, your bottoms and tops should create a snug, fitted appearance to balance out the bulk of the sneakers. You can further balance your ensemble out with smart accessory use.

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 Wear skinny jeans. Wedge sneakers are large and a little clunky, but they can still look stylish as long as the rest of the leg looks slender and long. To that end, when wearing jeans, you should opt for a sleek pair of skinny jeans that hug your leg over classic styles like straight-leg or boot-cut. Create an even narrower line by tucking the jeans into the sneakers.

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Throw on a pair of leggings. Like skinny jeans, leggings make the leg line look slimmer, which helps to balance out the large shoes on your feet. Short tops do not work as well with leggings because the leggings are a little too form-fitting, so your panty-line will show if your top is not long enough to cover it. Leggings are an excellent choice for long tunic tops, dresses, and skirts, though. You could also try wearing shorter leggings with your wedge sneakers. Full-length leggings can be tucked into the sneaker, but 3/4 or 1/2 length leggings can make your leg look just as sleek and balanced.

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 Keep it short. Short capri pants, short, and short skirts are all fantastic options for wedge sneakers. These bottoms draw the eye upward, limiting the amount of weight on the bottom of your leg. Since you have a lot of weight on your foot, keeping additional weight or emphasis off the bottom portion of your leg leads a more balanced and well put together style. Note that this also applies to dresses. Structured dresses should have as high a hemline as you can afford based on body type and modesty demands. At the very least, dresses and skirts should fall at or a little above the knee. If you do opt for a longer skirt or dress, it should be of a looser, more casual style


  • Try a maxi skirt or high-low skirt. These long flowing skirts are ultra feminine and create an interesting contrast when paired with sporty wedge sneakers. High-low skirts work especially well since they come up in the front enough to show off your legs, helping reduce the amount of perceived bulk toward the bottom of your leg.
    • Mix neutral colors with bolder colors. Since the wedge sneaker is such a statement piece on its own, it is generally considered prudent to avoid overwhelming your look with too much wild color or pattern while wearing them. If you have a wedge sneaker in a plain color, like tan, brown, gray, or black, you can spice things up a bit with a funky red skinny jean or patterned legging. If you have bright neon wedge sneakers, however, you should stick with classic washes of denim and solid brown or black leggings.
    • Opt for a dressier wedge sneaker for semi-dressy bottoms. If you want to create a more feminine, chic look, pair a wedge sneaker in a neutral or muted color with a structured skirt or pinstripe trouser. The wedge sneaker is casual enough to add a dose of playfulness to your apparel, but a muted color will keep dressy clothes looking somewhat dressy.
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    Choosing the Right Tops

    • Try an ordinary fitted tank top or t-shirt. An oversized t-shirt is not recommended, but a fitted t-shirt or tank top paired with a simple bottom and your favorite wedge sneakers makes for an updated take on daily casual wear.
      • Make things classy with a fitted button-down shirt or blouse. If you plan on wearing neutral wedge sneakers and a structured jean, trouser, or skirt, a fitted button-down shirt that nips in at the waist can complete your look, providing you with an appropriate “Casual Friday” type outfit. The same can be said for a fitted blouse.
      • Balance yourself out with a looser top. While the general idea is to keep your figure looking slim and tall to balance out the additional weight of the wedge sneaker, it can also be appropriate to wear a slightly looser, free-flowing blouse, tunic, or dress over skinny jeans and leggings. A flowing top can look feminine, and separating it from the sneakers with a snug bottom can still lead to a balanced look.
      • Add structure with a blazer. A tailored blazer can add just the right amount of structure and form, accentuating your curves without causing them to compete for attention with the wedge sneakers. For a more professional or chic look, stick with neutral colored sneakers and blazers.


      • Layer accessories on the top half of your body. In order to balance out the weight and bulk of wedge sneakers, you need to add a little weight and bulk to the upper part of your body while keeping it away from the lower half. Avoid flashy belts or bulky dangle bracelets. Instead, opt for colorful fashion scarves, decorative hats, large earrings, and long strands of necklaces.
      • Keep things fairly simple. While it is generally a good idea to add decoration to the top half of your body to balance out the appearance of wedge sneakers, you should not get carried away. Wear one or two of pieces at once, but do not wear them all at the same time.
      •  Avoid clashing patterns and colors. If you do have a pair of wedge sneakers in a color or print, avoid wearing hats or scarves in bold colors or prints that may clash with your shoes.

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      1. These sneakers provides extra cushion to your foots but not suited for the summers seasons.Well it is some serious fashion statement though.

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      2. Hey Portia!av bn a constant reader and anonymous commenter(good comments o!lol)of ur blog and so far I can say am a 19yr old stylist and makeup artist and av bn inspired by what u do.I read other blogs too bt most of dm are not nigerian based bloggers so dtz y I really love ur blog.the fact dt ure in nigeria whr truth be told ppl critisize more dn dy appreciate hasn't stopped u from doing ur not one to compliment ppl bt I think dz one z long overdue so this z just to tl u dt ure doing a wonderful job and God willing u'll go places.btw am hoping u'll do an all white outfit soon cz dtz what av bn wearing for d past month and am looking for new ways to continue sparkling lol.all d same keep up d good work..and plz drop ur IG handle and forgive d long comment.soo many "ands"lol..En_kay

        1. Your comment put a very big smile on my face this morning.
          Thanks for the compliment. It means a lot to be appreciated for doing something I love.

          I've always had it in mind to do a post on an all white outfit. Would do it as soon as I can n prolly better that I initially planned.

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          Have a God blessed day!

      3. Nice one porsh--Iceprincess

      4. Even though am not a fan of wedge sneakers, it sure look good with leggings. Nice job porsh.

      5. I got one and I hates it!! It was not comfortable at all and the wedge is quite high. Maybe the brand I got wasn't very good. However I love it when people wear it and pull off the look.
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      6. Great post

      7. So lovely. Where do I get dem? Porsh pls reply now now o, else I'll b soooooooo angry#big smile#

        1. I would put up some links on where to get them as soo as I can.

      8. Iono but somethng wants me to get it.the images of the ones here are attractive. Think am going shoe shopping this week! Great work.pls ur email addy.

      9. great style!!

        best wishes

      10. Lovely!

      11. They look nice but kinda wondering if it will fit all body size!


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