I was stalking a velvet peplum skirt on Asos, waiting for it to go on sale. But it went outta stock instead (sad much). So I decided to make one.
I went to the market in the search of black and red velvet materials but I had no luck (not given up tho). I saw this neon material instead and grabbed a few yards of it.
Who doesn't love neon?!
I want to have everything in neon! lol


An outfit (the colors) can go along way to brighten one's mood.
I woke up this morning feeling vewy tired and feverish. I dragged myself to the bathroom and sluggishly got dressed. I grabbed this skirt cos of the color and quickly threw it on.
I didn't even plan to take pictures for the blog.
But my mum was like, "I love the color of your skirt" and I thought, oh okay, maybe I can take a few shots.


I spent the past few days in bed (I still don't really know what's been wrong with me... fever, headache etc).
But I felt worse by staying in bed so I decided get up and do something I love doing...playing dress up!


This color of this skirt looks soo much lighter in these photos. Looking at it from afar you would think its a white skirt.
Nway, I paired it with my white peplum style shirt and used a tiny belt to accentuate the waist line.
I would have loved to experiment with colors using this skirt as a focal point but I stuck to white and black for a clean, fresh look.


Its good to try something different once in a while . 
I got this skirt a while ago and have been looking for a way to style it. My mum n sister were like "It wouldn't 'gel' with anything cos its crazy". But I had already made up my mind to wear it so I had to come up with something. Since its not what I would wear on a 'normal' day, I decided to style it in a way that's not my 'norm'. 
And I love the way it turned out!


This is officially my favorite print ever!
When I got  this skirt, I just couldn't wait to rock it! I started drafting up ways to wear it in my head.
You see, while waiting almost forever to get this skirt (n a few other things) delivered to me, I saw alot of ladies rocking it. At first I was like :( but then I said, 'Oh well, I'm not the only Nigerian girl'.lol
I decided to style this skirt in monochrome with a pop of red and wore it to church yesterday.


Keep It Simple Stupid!
Fashion these days have gone over the top! The complexities of outfits put together by most stylists, bloggers etc can be quite overwhelming. 
You open your closet to look for what to wear and pick up a pair of jeans and a shirt but you are not ok with it. You are looking for something extra to 'wow' peeps. You keep digging and rummaging thru your stuffs until your entire clothes are on the floor. lol
90% of y'all are guilty of this, including me!
Most times outfits should be kept simple rather than made complex.


Happy Sunday gorgeous people!
Hope y'all had an amazing weekend.
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