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This is a write-up by my brother that was posted on my friend's blog, The360engineer. Its something that can be easily related to. Hope you like it.
A Future Yet Unsure
The heavy cross of guilt
Telling me I’m not good enough
Reminding me of a horrible past I desire to forget
The mistake of the past hunting me like an unending plague
The hope of a brighter and better tomorrow gradually fading away
The desire to be better, my heart knows life can be different
And yet my mind tells me there’s no hope
And gradually I lose the will to fight
Failure seems like a best friend the more I try
Deep down I know I can be better
I know there’s more to life than what is before me
Hopelessness call for my undivided attention
And faith seems like a little light set in a dark room
For I know, one day I will get that which I desire
A better tomorrow and a brighter future
I seek a savior and a helper
I desire one hope, one faith
I know I shall fight again.

In this wonderful journey of life we all try different things in life, we all go through different phases that carves us into who we are. Only a few people would understand the length at which people would go, just to succeed; life for some is not easy as it is for others.
Sometimes we make grievous mistakes, we regret and also make decisions based on mixed feelings i.e. confusion, anger, fear etc.
Even when we try to accept our past and try to make something better out of the new individuals we have become and yet the society makes it seem so impossible, hunting us everyday like  ghosts from our past, telling us why we can’t be better, that we can’t do something different for a change.
A little mistake can hunt you forever.

                                                                                                           by THEOPHILUS GODSON

PS. I was really excited today cos I was featured on FashionBombDaily as the Bombshell of the day. But then the comments started rolling in, twas kinna disheartening but life goes on. Right?

Ciao darlings!


  1. I posted a positive comment and followed you because your post. I think the key to posting on FBD is to never to look at the comments :) I think you have great style!

    1. Thats really nice of you! Thanks plenty! :D

  2. Wonderful post! It's so funny to read this because for the past couple of weeks I've been regretting somethings of the past and I think about it daily. I'm starting to come to terms with it. I just have to learn that regret is a useless emotion because there is nothing you can do about it. Thanks for a wonderful post and congrats on the feature. You look fab!


    1. Leaving the past behind is the best way to move forward to the place u ought to be.
      I'm glad you like the post.
      Thanks! :D

  3. wonderful post dear.

  4. nyc 1....hehehe...You stole it abi..lol.. dont mind them joor haven't read the comments but i know the negative ones are all lies...


    1. Loll! Yea I did.

      Thanks plenty darling. *kisses*

  5. Nice write up + don't mind those people commenting rubbish,don't they know u're a lawyer with a difference,don't let it get 2 u!ve a nice day.

    1. Thats really sweet of u.
      Thanks soo much love.
      U av a grt day too. :D

  6. Babe i really appreciate you posting this for me.

  7. You always look fab, I love d way u make little inexpensive things always look extra chic. Haven't read d bombshell article but don't mind any silly comments, pple will always try to bring odas down. Keep ur head up and keep doing thing while looking fab as always..ciao

    1. Thanks alot dear. U guys keep me going.
      Muchos gracias!

  8. So lovely pst!! --Today's post Sporty Chic http://www.urbanfashionstylee.blogspot.mx

  9. Great post ! Congrats for being featured and please ignore the harsh comments, you have great style, I am following you on GFC and I invite you to my blog too, if you want we can follow each other on all our socials :) Kisses from Italy

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  10. congrats on your feature girl :). Don't mind all the jobless people over the internet. Like they forget that people are human and words hurt but i guess thats what comes with showing your talent/hobbies on the web. I remember thinking really hard before starting my blog because of the evil critics out there. But my dear i've come to find out that you live and you learn. Do what you love and get better at it. Your style make sense o...no b everybody go like am. Different strokes for different folks.. so keep them coming :)


    1. I kinna knew that there wud be harsh comments, I just didnt expect people to be pure evil. Its all good tho, we live n learn.
      Thanks soo much beautiful.

  11. Errrr personally,I think u shld take to some of d advice especially d ones about ur shoes.switie ur shoes look cheap nd local for real,sori if dis sounds harsh...d truth is bitter u know.you r supsd to be a 'fashionista' u r nt supsd to wear random cheap shoes,even if dey r cheap dey shldnt look local,u dig? U shld wear stuffs dt will wow pple dear but regardless lovely blog u gat.

    1. Wow!
      N u brought dis here? My own turf? For realz?
      Do u pay my bills? Do I benefit in any way from u?
      Do u think I av money to throw arnd just so I cud look good?
      If I cnt afford Loubs or Giussoppe Zannoti or watever. U want me to rob a bank? or better still sleep arnd for money? Is that sensible to u?

      My shoes might look cheap cos they are cheap, n I look damn good in them! So u take ur advice some where else honey, cos it aint needed here.

      God bless!

    2. Wow! Nice reply Portia. U go gurl. Keep ur head high. No one can tk ur shine. U r great n a source of inspiration to many out there wit inferior complexities. I'm so loving ur blog. Well done!:: BTW, thanks Ladun for bringin me here.

    3. Thanks plenty.

      N I'm really grateful to Ladun for bringing y'all my way. :D

  12. Lol!porsh darling u look gud in all sense!u jt graduated nt like u are a working class lady!my dear abeg kip lookn glam for us joor!d person dat posted pls cn she/he show one expensive clothe she/he gat!abegggg

    1. My dear, see me see wahala oo!
      Thanks love! *kisses*

  13. Sweedie, look ur style n kip it up, n dnt 4get to always put God first in all that u do?

  14. Buh ur outfits really rock na. I jus graduated too like u, and I'm not ashamed to say I can't boast of one ur outfit for now. I know I will get better. And for that mofo saying ur shoe is cheap, pls ignore d dumbass. Doesn't know a tin. U look gr8 and I always admire u. But always learn to look @ d positive side of things. U wia featured and daz all dat mataz, d negative comments even help broadcast u, cos dey'll be wanting 2 knw xctly whom u are.

    And u hu knows, u mite end up smiling 2 d bank like linda*winks*

    1. loll!
      Amen sister!
      You are far too kind. Thanks sooo much.
      I owe y'all alot for helping me get thru this (not a big deal sha, but it was to me).

      God bless!

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