Been a while I put on a pair of jeans cos I absolutely love comfortable clothes. I've practically been living in my maxi gowns n skirts, shorts etc and  No Jeans! Don't get me wrong, I love jeans cos they are really form- fitting n can be casual or/and corporate. Casual + Corporate = Chic (In my fashion dictionary anyway), so that's what I tried to pull of with this look. Always wanted to rock a tee wif a jacket n I finally did it. :D

P.S- I got some complaints about my irregular posts. This blog is my 'baby', I started it to share what I love. I love blogging and would not stay away without a good reason. I would get tired and bored wif blogging the moment it begins to feel like "Work" and I don't want that. So I pray you bear wif me, I pledge to keep you interested one way or the other.
Y'all motivate me!


'Black Girls Killing It' has got to be the most amazing website ever!
Recently discovered it (I know, I'm a LASTma) and I absolutely love it! Its a website that show-case black women killing it in fashion. Most of the pictures posted are from websites i.e other fashion blogs. I have come across lots of fabulous black women (some I already knew about tho) via this site and here's one of my all time favorite.
I decided to do this post and emailed her, asking for her permission n she responded almost immediately! (really nice).
Her name's Addie.
The slogan of her blog STYLE FLUENCY is “Style Is Not A Display Of Wealth, But An Expression Of Imagination”. She shares how to achieve effortless style on a budget on her blog.
Here are some of my fav outfits...


Crop tops and bralettes , have always been used to make that modern, edgy, fierce fashion statement. They will continue to be a fresh style even if they are repeated era after era because they are, “a trend that can never become over-saturated – it’s not for everyone”.


Its funny how time flies. Was going through the forros on my computer and found this pic I took about 3years ago. Not bad, right? loll

Ciao darlings!


I love children soo much! (Serzly, who doesn't?). But there's something I love more than chidren.... Yes, Fashionable Children!
Its hard work enough for an adult to try to look good and fashionable. Imagine the effort that goes into getting these lil ones soo fabulously dressed and the time n patience in photographing them sooo beatifully.
They are sooo adorable. Makes me wanna pop a baby out asap! lol
Here are some photos of my favorite 'Mini Fashionistas'.


Olayinka Fashola

Fashola Olayinka is a graduate of Sociology from Olabisi Onabanjo University and the creative director of MOOFA. The label is characterised as being classic with a twist for today’s modern woman who love bold, contemporary and edgy pieces that provide directional styling for her wardrobe.
These trans-seasonal pieces are timeless and multi-functional with a style and cut that always Flatter the feminine silhouette.
MOOFA is actually the initials of her full name, Mopileola Olaitan Olayinka Fashola.


Captain: Are you ready kids
Kids: Aye Aye Captain.
Captain: I can't hear you.
Kids: Aye Aye Captain!
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Kids: SpongeBob SquarePants!

This is the product of alot of time on my hand. I saw a video on Youtube where the girl transformed a basic tee-shirt into a sexy top. The network here is usually crappy, I would have uploaded the video. I decided to try it and share. Here's my own version of it in form of a pictorial. 


Not wearing a statement neckpiece today. lol Well, it wasn't necessary cos every other thing was speaking out. My bff gave me this top sometime last year n I love it! Prolly cos I'm a huge lover of animal prints, I've got almost everything in leopard prints including 3 footwears (a pair of pumps, wedge sandals n flat shoes) :D
It so happens that I really don't like this skirt but decided to wear it cos I didn't want to pair this top wif a red skirt (very expected, btw I've worn it that way before). So I added this cute sequin belt to 'make it shine' n threw in ma sequined shoes for good measure. 


Hello darlings!
Hope y'all had a great week. Had an eventful one myself. lol.
Here's our fashionista of the week, my lovely friend, Queen.


I've always wanted a crop top but do not have the heart to slash any of my tops to create one (at least not yet). So I just folded my turtle neck top to make it look like a crop, lol. I got this denim overall (dungaree) for quite a steal during one of my thrifting trips. The original plan was to wear it casually at home, wif a tank top cos its super comfy. I just love how it looks like a pinafore in front cos of the flap infront. :D



This is a write-up by my brother that was posted on my friend's blog, The360engineer. Its something that can be easily related to. Hope you like it.


You know the saying that goes "A prophet is not recognized in his own home/area/country".
Well its not a new thing that most of us Nigerians (I'm no exception) don't seem to give cognizance to things that are Nigerian-made. For instance, I don't watch Nigerian movies (Same ol', Same ol'), vewy few Nigerian musicians interest me, and worst of all, I know nothing about the fashion industry in Nigeria (that bad). I have always been focused on foreign designers and brands but I've decided to turn a new leaf. Its time to value what we have. There are amazing designers here in Nigeria and doing this"Designer Focus" would give You and I an insight to what they have. Lets ride!


Hello darlings!
Hope y'all had a great weekend. Mine was spent in the company of my parents. We talked (mostly about my good and bad qualities as a daughter, trust me you don't wanna know), laughed, watched tv etc. It made me miss my younger siblings more than ever. Its not my favorite thing in the world to do but family's everything.

My life's lapsed into same boring pattern, same boring routine. Any ideas on how to 'jazz' it up? (Apart from joining a circus or live band, this is Nigeria, it aint do-able).

Comfort remains a priority for me whenever it comes to dressing up. If I aint comfortable, I aint wearing it. Most people say fashion abi beauty is pain, yea I get that. But I can handle only one painful piece (If necessary) at at time.
The flowy skirt (lacks the constraints that comes with a tight or short skirt), the platform shoes, the unbuttoned jacket screams comfortable and thats what I'm all for!
Debuting my peter pan neck-piece (my fav accessory atm). :D
Blah, Blah, Blah. I tried it on, I looked good, I felt good, I wore it to church.


I saw this post on a friend's (Leonie) blog  n thought I'ld share.
Parental guidance is adviced (lol). Happy viewing!
Artist Billie Archilleos turned Louis Vuitton wallets, belts and bags into animals. Which one is your favorite?


 At this point, I don't know what else to do to my hair. Before I got my braids done, I envisioned me styling it in diff ways, but now ..... blank!
Anywhooo..., I decided to follow my mum out rather than stay at home as usual. This is what I wore, wanted to keep it simple n chic.


I had the world's most boring day ever! I would rather not go into details. :|
So in other to pass time, I decided to take pictures n put up a post. I've had this top for a really long time but never worn cos its really big. I fell in love with it cos of d tiny white hearts on it. :) Been planning to make some adjustments but never quite got to it. 


"Every lover of fashion is a lover of everything beautiful."

I came across these photos from Zuhair Murad's catwalk session from fashion week 2012.  He is a Beirut based Lebanese fashion designer. His wedding gowns are to die for! Zuhair has dressed alot of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Blake Lively, Kristen Stewart, Beyonce, Katy Perry etc
I absolutely love his designs!

Here are some of my favorite pieces from his Haute Couture Autumn/Winter Collection 2012.



Hello darlings!
I'm on fire! lol. Third post this night, tryna make up for the days of horrible network. 

So this is what I wore to church today. Got home late last night from a long road trip n was bone-tired. I even told my mum that I wudnt go to church n she was like 'ok,no p'. N I was like 'huh? U for real? In this house? Is this a trap or something?'
So I got up this morning (late though) and got dressed for church (I no fit shout!)
My friend got me this dress sometime last year n I've worn it about 2times. This dress has got to be the most form- fitting, body- hugging outfit in  my wardrobe n I felt super sexy in them (in a church-ly manner o).
Didnt plan to go all black but it just happend so I added my neon earrings for a pop of color.

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