I spent the last 5years in the university wearing white shirt on black skirts every 5days in a week.
It was annoying and frustrating cos as a result most of the contents of my wardrobe were in black or white. I usually hate being told what to wear n how to wear it so I found ways to default without being noticed. Twas kinda fun finding ways to bend the rules n all that but it got tiring at a point. I was sooo glad to take a break from all that uniform thingy at least till Law school later this year (would have to step up game).


Hope y'all had an amazing weekend.
Anywhoo, this is what I wore to church today. Picked this outfit when I woke up this morning, I didnt have strength to go on any ultimate search in my wardrobe. 
What do u pick when u are at loss on what to wear?
A top n a jacket wif a skirt or pants! Its quite simple to put together (I think,lol)
I made this skirt from one of my mum's numerous head scarfs. She screamed my name when she saw me wearing it dis morning (I think I remember asking her before I took it.... Oh well!)


Hello gorgeous people!
Hope y'all had a great Valentine's day.
Was supposed to put up this post yesterday but was tired n a lil bit reluctant to post d forros.
I didnt get to spend Vals day with that special someone (I know most of y'all did), but it was not a bad day for me either. Yesterday was my baby brother's birthday, he turned 14 on the 14th of February (awesome right?). So we paid him a visit in school just to wish him a happy birthday. 
Later went to meet up with a couple of friends, ate alot of ice-cream n laughed alot. I had a great time!


Hello darlings!
Hows ur valentine's day preparation been going?
I can't wait to see the outfits that would be worn for valentine's day by peeps everywhere!
Nway, for my birthday, with no prior plans n all, I went out wif my vewy lovely n super gorgeous friend, Zeeny n my brother, Godson. We just had lunch n then went to the park. I was disappointed cos d ride I was hoping to go on only opens during the weekends. Water splash ride, I'm coming for u baby!
 All in all, it wasnt a bad day after all. I got to spend it wif my family n I ate to my hearts content!lol


Hello darlings.
Hope you're having a great weekend so far.
I got the material of this dress a while ago. I didnt plan to buy anyfin that day but I immediately fell in love with d fabric. Its actually a gold organza material with red velvet designs. Love the color, Love the designs on it, love the feel too! I bought 2 yards of it for just N500 dats a lil less than 2 pounds n a lil more than 3 dollars! #Score#!
I originally wntd to make a peplum top with it cos I tot 2 yards wud be too small for a dress but at 5 2", not withstanding the extra flesh here n there, I manage to wear a size 10 dress n could make a dress with just 2 yards of material and still had extra pieces left . 'smh'


This post has almost nothing to do with d forros or d outfit.

I was told about a job opening by a friend and I sent in my application yesterday. Through her help I got called for an interview today which I went for. I have never applied for a job before now and I'm almost clueless as regards job interviews.


Maxi dresses!
Love! Love!! Love!!!
I got some new maxi dresses n dis is one of them. I just love the super comfy feel of a long flowy dress. I paired it wif my flat sandals to keep it simple n chic. : D
There are lots of fab ways to style a maxi dress, might do a post on that soon.


I never seem to find a pair of tights (panty-hose) that is the exact color of my skin. Its either too dark or too light or end up making my legs look white! But I felt it was better to even out the whiteness by wearing the tights than aving patches of white as a result of the 'harmattan'.
I felt very 'Elizabethan' in this outfit (lol) but the fun twist was the animal print bow scarf on my hair (an attempt to diffuse the serzness of the whole look).
The jacket is another item I just got, I just love the pop of red it gave the ensemble. :D


I love Rihanna!#NoHomo#
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