I love wedding dresses!
They are always soooo beautiful and always make one look n feel like a princess. Wedding gowns are always what I look forward to in weddings.
My favorite wedding designer is PNINA TORNAI!
Fell in love with her designs while watching KLEINFELD'S SAY YES TO THE DRESS on TLC.

Pnina Tornai, born in 1962, is a wedding dress designer from Israel. She has made a name for herself by selling dresses in Kleinfeld Bridal salon on the television show Say Yes to the Dress. She started out with a dream to be an actress but was convinced to bring her dresses to Kleinfeld Bridal Salon. Pnina's designs were rejected at the start but she did not give up, instead she later returned. This time her new designs were accepted and she has been Kleinfeld's best seller since. She never took a sewing lesson and her designs are wanted by brides across the world.
 Pnina creates dresses while she is dreaming, that is how she knows exactly which fabrics she wants to use and how the dresses should look. These dreamed up dresses become reality when they are hand sewn using fabrics directly imported from Europe. Pnina Tornai's signature corsets are embellished with Swarovski crystals and precious stones. According to the New York Times the dresses are considered "vixenish." Although this was said about her dresses she tries to make a dress that will work for every bride. Tornai has a line of dresses that are specialized for Jewish and Muslim brides who are religious. She tries to meet the needs of the customer. Pnina's 2008 bridal collection was infused with floral designs on the corsets, silk pantsuits and spaghetti strapped dress that had scalloped hemlines.  The dresses in her 2012 bridal collection are adorned with pearls. Pnina utilized pearls because she recalls her late mother and grandmother always wearing pearls when they left the house. Pnina's 2012 collection consists of silk, satin, lace and is topped with pearls and jewels. This collection is dedicated to her mother because, along with her grandmother, she recalls her mother always wearing pearls. After the passing of her mother she was upset and a friend helped her through by comparing tears to pearls, thus the idea for this collection emerged. The collection is based on tears of joy, which translates to pearls of joy for a bride on her wedding day.

[culled from WIKIPEDIA]

Here are some of my favorite dresses...


This has got to be my favorite dress!
You can check out more of her dresses at KLEINFELD BRIDAL.
Some people argue that most of her designs are too flashy, but I say that everyone has their own taste and that's how it should be. Whether you or someone else loves a certain designer's gowns or hates them has no bearing on whether they are "classy" or "flashy" because style is a personal thing. No designer is going to appeal to everyone thats why there's a market for every type of taste.
One of my greatest wish is to be married in a Pnina Tornai dress! I hope somehow, someday she gets to see this(lol).
Hope you enjoyed this post.
Which of her designs do u love?




  1. I love the one that u said u liked. I think dat one was nice and unique. And I loved one other one in those pics. But others seems to eerie for me


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