Hello sweethearts!
I've been busy writing exams n all, that explains the lack of frequent posts.
I scribbled down this short story some time ago n just wanted to share with y'all. Hope you enjoy reading it!

"I can never forget the first time I laid eyes on him, twas like I had d winds knocked out of me. He was beyond goodlooking, he was beautiful and I was lovestruck! His eyes, oh God! His eyes! I could just drown in them. I found myself staring, I couldnt help myself. I was shocked at my behaviour, I was acting like a teenager (well I was yet to turn 20, still my behaviour wasnt excusable). While I had a thing for light skinned guys, he was dark skinned. But damn!, he was a sight to behold!

"I just got outta a relationship with an equally handsome, lightskinned guy. I was certain that Francis was the one. We were beautiful together, he complemented me and I complemented him . I was the envy of all my friends and boy! , that made me feel sooo good. I'm not a beauty, with a face u could just smile at witout going like 'damn!'. Had a body to die for though and I flaunted it. But Francis was like a cosmetic surgery that boosts one's self confidence. Knowing I was the one he chose to be with was the most amazing thing ever!

After 2years, things werent that amazing, I saw my man gradually slipping outta my hands and there was nothing I could do about it. And one day, 'Poof!', he was gone, my world crashed around me. That day I lost confidence in myself, I couldnt even keep a man! My self esteem disappeared, I couldnt even pull off a convincing smile. I became a shadow of my former self.

Then I saw him!
My heart skipped a beat or more! I felt like I was just waking up from a hundred years of sleep! Oh God! He didnt even notice I was staring. Then came that tiny voice, telling me, 'Honey, again?', 'Can u do this?', 'Would he stay?', 'Can u make him want u that much?'....... All these doubts, insecurities started rearing up their ugly heads. I wasnt strong enough for all these!
My spirits sank faster than it had risen. I shrunk deeper into my shell.

There and then, I knew he was .......
.......Something I cant have......



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